A new Trojan has been discovered that steals victims' Bitcoin wallets.

"The malware, Infostealer.Coinbit, is fairly simple: it targets Windows machines and zeroes in on the standard file location for a Bitcoin wallet," writes Wired's Kevin Poulsen. "It then e-mails the wallet -- a data file containing private crypto keys -- to the attacker by way of a server in Poland, according to Symantec, which was first to alert on the attack."

"'If you use Bitcoins, you have the option to encrypt your wallet and we recommend that you choose a strong password for this in the event that an attacker is attempting to brute-force your wallet open,' Symantec’s Stephen Doherty wrote in a blog post Thursday," Poulsen writes.

Go to "New Malware Steals Your Bitcoin" to read the details.

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