According to the ACLU, the Michigan State Police are using handheld "extraction devices" to download personal information from drivers they pull over, regardless of the reason.

"The devices, sold by a company called Cellebrite, can download text messages, photos, video, and even GPS data from most brands of cell phones," writes CNET News' Matt Hickey. "The handheld machines have various interfaces to work with different models and can even bypass security passwords and access some information."

"The problem as the ACLU sees it, is that accessing a citizen's private phone information when there's no probable cause creates a violation of the Constitution's 4th Amendment, which protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures," Hickey writes. "To that end, it's petitioning the MSP to turn over information about its use of the devices under the Freedom of Information Act."

Go to "ACLU: Michigan cops stealing drivers' phone data" to read the details.

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