An Android developer recently discovered a vulnerability in the way Skype's mobile app for Android devices stores data.

"Skype for Android did not securely store sensitive user data on the user’s Android device, leaving the information accessible to any third-party app trying to harvest data, Justin Case, an amateur Android developer, wrote on the Android Police blog on April 15," writes eWeek's Fahmida Y. Rashid. "The data included names, dates of birth, location information, account balances, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and biographic details, Case said."

"Case wrote a rogue app that could collect user information without requiring any special permissions," Rashid writes. "Once the rogue app was installed on a phone with Skype for Android also installed, it could sniff out and collect user data."

Go to "Skype for Android Exposes Sensitive User Data to Rogue Apps" to read the details.

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