The US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA) and the FBI are currently investigating a 2009 data breach affecting 3,000 pilots at US Airways.

"A spokesman for US Airways today declined to comment on specifics of the case, but confirmed that some two-thirds of the airline's pilots -- 3,000 of its employees -- were affected by the breach," writes Darkreading's Kelly Jackson Higgins.

"The USAPA said the airline recently revealed that a management-level pilot leaked a database of US Airways pilot names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and possibly passport information to a third-party pilot group," Higgins writes. "A former chief pilot at the airline reportedly handed over the information in an Excel document in October 2009 to the group, called Leonidas, which represents pilots from what was once America West, now part of US Airways, according to a published report."

Go to "Thousands of US Airways Pilots Victims of Possible Insider Data Breach" to read the details.

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