The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has stated that documents released under the Freedom of Information Act indicate that the FBI may have committed as many as 40,000 privacy-related violations since September 11, 2001.

"The 40,000 violations figure is an estimate of the EFF based on the proportion of violations reported to the oversight board and the FBI’s own statements regarding the number of violations that occurred," Infosecurity reports. "According to the documents, the FBI reported 800 violations of laws, executive orders, and regulations and at least 7,000 potential violations to the board from 2001 to 2008."

"Perhaps most disturbing, third parties, including phone companies, ISPs, financial institutions, and credit agencies, contributed to these violations by providing customer information in response to National Security Letters (NSLs), according to the report," the article states. "NSLs are administrative subpoenas used by the FBI to obtain records from third parties without judicial review, the EFF explained."

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