Facebook recently gave third party app developers access to users' addresses and phone numbers.

"In its Developer Blog post, Facebook noted that developers will only be able to access an individual user's address and phone number -- not the info of his or her friends," writes Ars Technica's Jacqui Cheng. "Additionally, those who want to be able to use that data will have to be individually approved by the users themselves, and those developers must take special care to adhere to Facebook's Platform Policies, which forbid them from misleading or spamming users."

"Despite Facebook's reassurance that users will have the final say in who gets the info and who doesn't, it didn't take long for observers to point out that it will be easy for shady developers to get in on the action," Cheng writes. "Security research firm Sophos wrote on its blog that rogue Facebook app developers already manage to trick users into giving them access to personal data, and this move will only make things more dangerous."

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