Bangladeshi hacker TiGER-M@TE recently defaced several leading Web sites in Kenya, including,,,,,,,, and others (h/t Softpedia).

Each site was defaced with the same image, stating, "HackeD By TiGER-M@TE #Bangladeshi HackeR. Greetz : kinG oF coNTroL ; Barbaros-DZ ; F0RTYS3V3N ; aBu.HaliL501 ; W7sH.SyRiA ; h311 c0d3 ; m1l05 ; j0 ; l0calh0st ; Ne0-h4ck3r."

As Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs notes, it's doubtful that TiGER-M@TE breached each of the sites individually -- it's more likely that the .ke domain registrar's DNS servers were compromised and leveraged to redirect users to the defacement pages.