A hacker calling himself ThEhAcKeR12 recently published an Excel spreadsheet from allianceforbiz.com that contained login information for several thousand users.

"The spreadsheet contains usernames, passwords, email addresses, company name, and also whether the individual works for a government agency, Catalin Cosoi, head of Bitdefender Online Threats Lab, told eWEEK," writes eWEEK's Fahmida Y. Rashid. "Identity Finder, a data loss prevention software vendor, ran the file through its software and found 13,322 passwords and 17,590 e-mail addresses in the file."

"The file also contained 17,668 company names, of which 14,739 were unique, and most had only one email address associated with each name, according to the analysis," Rashid writes. "This means more than 14,000 organizations may be affected by ThEhAcKeR12′s breach of allianceforbiz.com."

Go to "Hacker Exposes US Government Staff Log-ins" to read the details.

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