Hackers: Archive: April 2011 

Google Pays $16,500 for Chrome 11 Fixes

New Chrome browser debuts loaded with security fixes and voice capabilities.

Check Point Debuts ZoneAlarm SocialGuard

You can't secure Facebook with a firewall, but you can secure it with new software that protects against social threats.

Russia Top Source of Attack Traffic

New ranking place Russia 1st and the U.S 5th in the list of top sources of Internet attacks.

Oracle Patches Java.com Flaw

Security researcher alleges that Java.com had a vulnerability, that Oracle quickly fixed.

PCI is Reducing Data Breaches

Does PCI compliance actually help mitigate IT security risks? Why yes, yes it does.

How to Secure Your PCs on a Budget

Honestly, you don’t have to spend anything to secure your computers.

Apple Updates Safari, iOS and Mac for Increased Security

Apple plugs PWN2OWN flaws and secures all of its platforms.

Side Channel Attack Beats Skype Encryption

Side channel attacks can be devastatingly effective. Also, Google's security gamble fails; black Iranian hats; and "Hey Dude, Someone Hacked My Car" are all here.

Microsoft Patches Near-record Number of Bugs

After a genuinely quiet Patch Tuesday in March, security administrators are confronted by one of the biggest patch releases ever in April.

HP Goes Real Time for App Security

HP expands on its Fortify assets, integrating static with dynamic code analysis for real-time results.

Google Chrome 12 Protects Against Malware

Google next browser delivers new security feature to protect against driveby download attacks.

.com Domain Finally Safe