Articles by Larry Barrett 

New Malware Strains Use Facebook Access as Bait

Software vendor Panda Security reports that new pieces of malware are taking advantage of people's obsession with the social networking site.

New Spam-Based Tax, Survey Scams Surface in January

AppRiver's January Threat and Spamscape notes a surge in new tax-related malware campaigns and the impact of the Rustock botnet on total spam production.

Hackers Access Zuckerberg's Facebook Fan Page

Facebook CEO learns firsthand just how vulnerable everyone using social networking sites can be after someone accessed his fan page and began posting status updates.

Worldwide Spam Traffic Falls to 2-Year Low

Symantec's new report finds that unrest among pharmaceutical spam-sending organizations pushed total spam email traffic to lowest level since March 2009.

Scareware Scam Zeros In On ICQ Users

Security software vendor Kaspersky has discovered a new fake anti-virus software campaign making its way around the popular instant messaging service.

Facebook Creates Security Paradox for Enterprises

A new report from Internet security firm OpenDNS finds the social networking site is both the most-blocked site and the second-most allowed site on the Web.

Malware Campaign Targets McDonald's Customers

New phishing scam detected by security software vendor AppRiver attempts to steal customers' banking, credit card data.

Twitter Worm Lures Victims into Scareware Trap

Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab are warning of a new fast-moving Twitter worm that's redirecting people to a bogus anti-virus software site.

Social Net-Based Attacks Surge in 2010

New survey by security software vendor Sophos finds that most companies still allow employees unfettered access to Facebook, Twitter despite the known security risks.

DIY Malware Kits Expand Hacker Pool

The proliferation of attack tool kits makes it cheaper and easier than ever before for just about anyone to become a formidable hacker.

Cloud, Smartphones Complicate Enterprise Security

Companies have been quick to embrace mobile devices and cloud computing environments, but they're still too reliant on dated security methods.

U.S. Still Top Spam-Relaying Nation in Q4

Security software vendor Sophos finds computers based in the U.S. are responsible for distributing more than 18 percent of all spam messages.

New Phishing Gimmick Targets Coca-Cola

The soda giant is being targeted by a phishing scam that offers some quick cash in exchange for a litany of personal information.

New Phishing Scam Targets PayPal Users

Latest security threat to the online payment service attempts to snare users' login and password credentials.

ITRC Calls for Universal Data Breach Reporting

Non-profit identity theft prevention organization says shoddy reporting keeps consumers in the dark and at greater risk.

2011 Security Preview: Apple, Facebook Beware

The popularity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter will make the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices attractive targets for hackers in the New Year.

IT Security 2010: The Year in Review

Stuxnet, embarrassing data leaks and sophisticated phishing syndicates dominated the data security landscape in 2010.

7 Basic Mobile Security Tips for the Holidays

Security software vendor AppRiver provides some advice for smartphone users who will be frantically checking email and making purchases throughout the holiday season.

Antivirus Users Impatient, Fickle: Survey

Security software vendor Avira's survey finds that most people use multiple antivirus apps in a year, and one in four shut them off altogether to spark PC performance.

Ohio State Deals With Massive Data Breach

Hackers repeatedly accessed a university server holding the names, social security numbers and birth dates of more than 760,000 students, faculty and former students.

Hacktivism, Mobile Scams Top 2011 Security Threats

Security software vendor Panda Security forecasts the top security threats to watch out for in the New Year.

University of Wisconsin Warns of Major Data Breach

More than 60,000 former students and staff are just finding out that hackers had access to their personal data for more than two years.

Email Services Pose Increasing Data Security Threat

Creating and enforcing stringent data loss prevention policies for free email services from Microsoft, Google and Yahoo is critical to securing corporate data.

Zenprise Shores Up Mobile Device Security

MobileManager 6.0 gives administrators more tools to monitor mobile devices in the enterprise and prevent costly data breaches.

Holiday Twitter Topics Concealing Malware

'Tis the season for taking advantage of Internet users searching for the latest pop-culture news, by spreading Trojans via holiday-themed Twitter topics.