Articles by David Needle 

Tablet Users Passing More Sensitive Data: Report

Harris Interactive survey also indicates a gender gap when it comes to confidence in mobile security.

Palo Alto Networks' New GlobalProtect Extends Firewall Security

The network security firm makes what it says is the biggest release since the company was formed.

RSA: How Real is the Threat of Cyberwar?

Security experts debate whether we're already in a cyberwar, the role of government and potential solutions.

Data Privacy Concerns Have a Reality Gap: Report

Survey released on Data Privacy Day indicates Americans are more concerned about online privacy violations losing their jobs. So why don't they do anything about it?

Commerce Secretary Pushes Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announces a National Program Office focused on steps to ensure trusted online transactions. Can it work?

Google Adds Email Authentication to Fight Spam

Google Apps users now have the option of adding email authentication to validate email and head off spam messages.

Dell Snaps Up SecureWorks

The Security-as-a-Service provider expands Dell's IT portfolio with a number of security, threat management and compliance services.

Should Obama Have an Internet 'Kill Switch'?

Survey says most Americans are willing to give the President the ability to cut off Internet access for national security reasons. The Unisys-sponsored survey also details holes in most consumer's security practices.

Google Improves Its Cloud Application Security

Free two-factor authentication feature is designed to add an extra layer of protection to Google's cloud applications.

Spam Threat Growing, Getting Sneakier

New survey says spam is becoming harder for U.S. adults to distinguish from legitimate email.

Security Driving Smart Card Growth: Report

More than five billion smart cards shipped in 2009, but a new report says the market is poised for further growth.

Cisco Details Enterprise Security Threats

The Quarterly Global Threat Report offers insight into the types of attacks happening on enterprise networks. Adobe Reader/Acrobat, Sun Java, and Adobe Flash were the three most common malware targets over the first half of 2010.

Tripwire Enhances Compliance With Remediation Manager

The new Tripwire Enterprise 8.0 release is designed to automate the process of bringing IT systems into both regulatory compliance and a company's internal mandates.

Oracle Targets Security With New Identity Management Suite

The database giant says the new release of Oracle Identity Management 11g "radically simplifies" application security.

'Twilight: Eclipse' Malware Leverages 'Poisoned' Search Results

Fans of the 'Twilight' vampire saga could be in for a nasty surprise while searching the Web for movie information.

Cisco: Use of Unauthorized Devices a Growing IT Headache

A survey of IT professionals finds the growing use of iPhones and other personal mobile devices on corporate networks poses a security problem.

HP Lands Air Force Cyber Defense Contract

HP will be providing infrastructure and applications integration for a Cyber Control System designed to provide strategic information and identify cyber threats for the USAF.

Google Opens Up on Its Security Practices

New security white paper details Google's security practices for its cloud-based apps.

Security Concerns Cause Google to Quit Windows

According to a report in the Financial Times, Google began moving employees to other operating systems after its systems were hacked.

Web 2.0 Privacy and Security Issues Won't Go Away

As enterprises see rising use of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, security and privacy safeguards remain an important concern.

Cloud Faces Security Challenges

AlwaysOn OnDemand panel participants ask, "Are private and semi-private clouds the only safe bets for the enterprise?"

Google May Soon Quit China Over Cyber Attack, Censoring

Prompted by claims of hacking and a policy of censorship, the search giant's battle with the Chinese government may be headed for closure.

Twitter Launches Geo-location Feature

Presenting potential risks to businesses and a new realm of privacy challenges to individual users, Twitter takes its geotagging feature live.

New Architecture Improves Data Security

Symantec this week demonstrated a new Object File Server technology designed to help deal with secure data management and storage issues.

Symantec Offers New Approach to Mobile Security

Security software firm shows prototype system designed to help carriers weed out bad apps, as well as security risks.