Articles by Andy Patrizio 

Dell Rolls Out Security Services, Hardware for SMBs

Offerings for small businesses with big security needs range from a complete hardware solution from Juniper to managed services from KACE.

Apple Has the Most Security Vulnerabilities: Report

Secunia's report doesn't measure the severity of security flaws, but it says some interesting things about how the focus of malware attacks has shifted.

Are Virtual Servers Less Secure Than Physical Servers?

Research firm Gartner argues in a new report that servers that are virtualized end up being less secure than before when it comes to network security.

Should Malware-Infected PCs Be Banished?

Microsoft proposes throwing malware-infected PCs into quarantine and denying them Internet access. The company also announces availability for its new identity management product.

White House Declassifies Cybersecurity Plan

Obama's Internet security advisor tells RSA crowd they need to secure their data, but his big news was the disclosure of a White House initiative.

Symantec Chief Says Cloud Security the Next Step

Information is gold and cyber villains are getting more aggressive in their attempts to steal it. Data theft requires new ways of thinking, says Symantec CEO Enrique Salem at RSA.

Security Hole Could Affect All iPhones

The good news is a white-hat hacker uncovered the vulnerability and has passed on information about the problem. But how soon will it be fixed?

Mac Snow Leopard Update Offers Bug Fixes

The Apple Snow Leopard update 10.6.2, nearly 500MB in size, offers fixes for 58 bugs.

Snow Leopard Bug Erases Personal Data

After logging off the computer and logging back as a guest, users may find their personal data completely erased.

Developer: iPhone Security is Weak

A developer who specializes in iPhone forensics claims that the handheld's encryption technology is implemented poorly.

Microsoft's 'Gazelle' Browser: More Secure?

A new approach to coding the browser may help Microsoft offer more security than has ever been possible with Internet Explorer.

U.S. Government Faces IT Security Gaps

The problems with breaches and computer losses show no signs of ceasing.

Microsoft Starts The Year With Modest Fix List

After the madness of December, January comes in like a lamb with only one critical fix.

Intel, Ericsson Aim For Better Laptop Security

Instead of waiting for a laptop to connect to the Internet, a kill message can be sent via SMS. Finally, texting has a practical use.

Teed Up for November: Office, Windows Fixes

Only two fixes, one critical, and neither is in a core operating system or application. Still, don't take them lightly.

Microsoft Rushes Out Urgent Windows Fix

Rare out-of-band fix affects all versions of Windows. Fix is available now.

Palin E-mail 'Hack' Was Hardly a Hack

A quick Google search yielded everything the cracker needed to know to reset Palin's Yahoo e-mail password. So what is your mother's maiden name?

Newer vPro Sports More Security Features

Second generation coming next month, Nehalem support due in a year.

San Francisco Hack: Where Was the Oversight?

UPDATED: Private companies are supposed to follow best practices for internal security. Experts are amazed that San Francisco wasn't doing the same.

Gmail: The Choice of Spammers?

UPDATED: Now that they've broken the CAPTCHA system in Gmail, one firm says spammers are exploiting the daylights out of it.

Hard Lesson in Google Data Breach

"You can't just throw the data over the fence and hope your problems go away."

An 'Important' Patch Tuesday

Microsoft issues a total of nine fixes for the month, none of them considered critical.

Lessons From McAfee's S.P.A.M. Experiment

Beyond don't open spam, the company finds that mobile phones are the new target, and guess which country is the second-largest target after the U.S.?

Lenovo Wins Latest Slapfest with Dell

NAD finds Dell had no basis for its claims of the most secure notebooks, just months after it found in favor of Dell over a Lenovo complaint.

Study: Four in Five Business PCs not Fully Secured

A check by security firm, finds a large number of business computer users aren't bothering with important patches.