Articles by Richard Adhikari 

Experts: Adobe Flash Still Vulnerable

Adobe has patched its Flash application, yet some experts say that concerns linger.

Obama Budget: Big Money for Cybersecurity

The administration's focus on the dangers of cyber attacks is getting positive marks from industry observers.

Gmail Chat Phishing Erodes User Trust

The recent problems are just the start, industry experts say.

Excel Vulnerability Exploited by Hackers

A recently discovered flaw allows hackers to target executives and government offices.

Univ. of Florida Hacked (Again)

Hackers have an inordinate fondness for attacking the large public university.

Virus Attack on Symbian Phones: 'Sexy View'

A cyberattack sends text messages to victims' contacts -- but it may do still more damage.

New Hacks on IE 7 Browser

Please, whatever you do, be careful of that Word attachment in your inbox.

Big Vendors Agree on Encryption Key

Big players in the enterprise encryption key field agree on standardization.

Microsoft: Big Bounty for Conflicker

Redmond gathers forces from many industry to combat the Conflicker worm – adding a $250,000 bounty.

Huge Facebook Group Hijacked by Cybercriminals

Social networking site is grabbed by malware creators.

Spammers Love Valentine's Day

Given that love is blind, spammers get all tingling as Valentine's Day approaches. We Terminate Malware Accounts

A security expert claims that cybercriminals are using to spread malware.

Kaiser Breach Exposed by Chance

Investigators looking into separate crimes discover a breach impacting 30,000 employees.

San Fran Rogue Sys Admin's Legal Fight Continues

Rogue Sys Admin, due to court to face three felony charges, has his hearing delayed.

Redmond's Moves to Improve Security

The software giant takes steps to improve security and tackle the increasing threat of Web-based attacks.

Study: Admin Rights Cause Most Windows Holes

While Microsoft mulls laxer controls on user privileges, new research indicates that tighter restrictions may be the safest bet.

Napolitano Urged to Act on Border Laptop Seizures

Homeland security advisers press for greater oversight by privacy officials.

Are Legitimate Sites the Next Malware Threat?

Businesses may be exposing their customers to malware by leaving their sites unpatched, IBM warns in a new study.

Study: Negligence Causes Most Data Breaches

But damage by outsiders can be even more expensive.