Articles by Richard Adhikari 

Napolitano Keeps DHS on the Hop

With cybersecurity, information sharing and risk analysis on the agenda for next week, the new Homeland Security secretary is looking to patch holes, fast.

Monster Breach Shows New Security Ideas Needed

Is corporate security fighting yesterday's war with last decade's weapons?

New Botnets Emerge as Older Peers Limp Along

A changing of the guard has taken place among spam-spewing botnets. Who are some of the ones to watch?

Spammers Working to Regain Lost Ground

Businesses can expect more malware this year as the spammers recover from the McColo takedown.

Cyber Thieves Hit Payment Processor Heartland

UPDATED: A second major payment firm suffers a data breach -- and expert warn that more attacks may be to come.

Get Ready for Inauguration Spam

As Obama prepares to be sworn in, hackers and spammers are gearing up for a field day.

Does The State Dept. Ignore Security?

Reports suggest an ongoing pattern of unauthorized access to citizens' personal information.

AVG Buys Sana For ID Theft Protection

Pure play antivirus vendors are making sure they don't become extinct.

Avoiding the Most Common Programming Errors

These mistakes show that the bad guys aren't necessarily skilled as they are simply exploiting your errors.

Vendors See More DLP with ID Management

CA's recent acquisition is a sign of more product adds to come.

Spammers Leverage Battle in Gaza, CNN

The bad guys are becoming even more sophisticated in their attacks.

Financial E-mail Spam Skyrockets

The bad guys really, really want your money.

Spammers Help Push Google to Dubious Milestone

Google makes top 10 list for spam abuses.

Google Clears Spam Problems, Vows Cooperation

The No. 1 search player is now no longer No. 3 on Spamhaus' list of top spam-enabling networks.

Verizon's Cybersquatter Based in China

Sure, the telecommunications giant won a huge court judgment, but can it enforce the court ruling?

Fake Celeb Profiles in Spam Attacks

Want to see 'more' of your favorite actor or pop star? Bad idea.

Phishers Hit Twitter Users

Obama, Britney Spears and Bill O'Reilly among reported victims of phony Twitter messages that also included an iPhone scam.

The Dangers of Web Access

As companies rely more heavily on the Web in their move toward Enterprise 2.0, they face an increasing number of security and network problems.