Articles by Richard Adhikari 

Facebook Worm Redux Taps Google Sites

UPDATED: Just because a link sends you to Picasa or Google Reader doesn't mean it's safe to visit.

Twitter an Emerging Terrorist Tool

Military paper outlines some of the emerging uses of tech in ways that can hurt.

Doing an M&A Opens a Can of Technology Worms

The market meltdown has spawned a wave of mergers and acquisitions, but CIOs will face several IT challenges after the deals are completed.

Hacker Hits French President's Bank Account

Even major politicians aren't except from cybercrime, with experts suspecting that Sarkozy fell victim to 'carding.'

Adobe Sites Hit by Malware

Security firm finds two sites were compromised by an SQL injection.

Security Spending to Grow, Will Differ by Region

Not all companies in the country have the same security needs or emphases.

Contractor Steals Shell Employees' SSNs

Inside job almost impossible to prevent, especially when suspect has legitimate access to data.

Arbitrary Seizure of Travelers' Laptops Ending?

Fourth Amendment rights could be restored at the border.