Articles by Erin Joyce 

Alcatel-Lucent Probing Loss of Employee Data

Some 200,000 current and former employees’ data estimated in loss.

Old UTM is Still New in Network Security

They're just much more improved than they were in the go-go 1990s

McAfee And The Product Stack

SiteAdvisor purchase and a major shift in offerings for resellers are on the menu from McAfee.

Hot Topics in Tech Security

Tech execs talked about trends in security and what's on the horizon at the RSA Security conference.

Sparks of Life (and Green) in Smart Cards

VeriSign steps up to advance Microsoft's next smart card play and the industry gets real about authentication in more devices.

Microsoft, RSA, Sun And Encryption

Authenticate yourself online with a USB device or Bluetooth. It's coming your way.

Spyware Skyrockets on Greynet Fuel

The applications are finding their way into the enterprise.

Policing Credit-Card Data -- On Demand

Qualys rolls out new on demand vulnerability management platform, as a deadline to secure data looms for credit-card merchants.

More Regulation For The Software Industry?

Improve security so the government doesn't force you to, says Richard Clarke.

Microsoft to Buy Anti-Virus Vendor Sybari

More than 10,000 customers already use vendor's enterprise security product.

Resistance is Futile. Your e-Mail Is Being Watched.

According to a new survey anyway. At least you know you're not paranoid.

Software Piracy Losses Add Up to $29B

BSA changes its study focus on who's stealing software and yields new nuggets.

New Digital Rights Tools Debut For Office

UPDATE: Leaked confidential documents a thing of the past? The New Windows Rights Management server from Microsoft blocks who can copy, paste, and forward information across an enterprise. [Corrected version]

New Mail Filters for Macs, Older AOL Versions

Server side spam-blockers trickle out to members using older versions of the ISP's software.

Big Blue, GE Interlogix Team on Building Security

New alliance is aimed at integrating a company's network with security and monitoring systems in the same office building.

New Phase of Sobig.F Set for Fridays

Security experts are warning of a new phase of attack from the Sobig.f worm that continues to bedevil computer networks around the globe.

  • Sobig 'Carpet Bombs' the Internet

  • IBM, Adobe Team to Improve PKI in PDF

    Embedded security chip in latest ThinkPads helps protect digital certificates by keeping them out of site of the PC's operating system.

    IBM to Boost Disaster Recovery for NY Hospitals

    Contract with three major NY-area hospitals includes disaster recovery facilities and IT infrastructure to support life sciences research.

    Microsoft Names Bank Exec as Chief Privacy Strategist

    On the heels of a security gaffe within its flagship data platform, Microsoft recruits a banking executive with experience in data collection practices.

    HP 'Adapts' Its Storage Portfolio

    UPDATE: Systems vendor rolls out new SAN tools, beefier business continuity, better groupings in the shared access storage areas as it extends its 'adaptive enterprise' strategy to storage works.

    Microsoft Plugs Holes in BizTalk Server

    Newly discovered vulnerabilities in the company's EAI software could lead to attackers embedding malicious SQL statement into a query string or could even result in attackers executing code of their choice.

    AOL: We've Got (New) Anti-Virus Services

    With McAfee, ISP adds extensive file-scanning services that go beyond its usual attachment-sniffing services.

    Comcast Rolls out Firewall Services

    Number one cable provider starts to bundle new security features as it looks to hit 5 million broadband subscribers by year-end.

    Feds Bust Identity Theft Ring

    US Attorney brings charges in a six-year case involving electronic tax returns with pilfered or unauthorized use of social security numbers.

    National IT Guard Idea Will Take Time

    IT volunteers would like to get involved with the National IT Guard that was created within the Department of Homeland Security. They will have to be patient.