Articles by Judy Mottl 

Nude Photos on iPhone a Wakeup Call

Companies can learn a few lessons from alleged smartphone incident.

Old Software a G1 Security Glitch

Carrier T-Mobile quietly deploying Web browser fix to Android handsets.

Security Flaw Strikes G1 Android Phone

T-Mobile and Google work to cook up an update for a flaw found in an older open source software package.

Employees Like Mobility Despite Extra Work Hours

Which would you rather lose, your car or Internet access?

Greater Mobile Use Brings Bigger Virus Threat

New variants spreading via Bluetooth, multimedia and text features

Vendor Plugs Mobile Device Security

New antivirus tool detects malware based on application behavior.

McAfee Aims to Secure Forgotten Files

Vendor pushes out tools to protect out-facing SAP systems, virtualized files.

Motorola's 'Good' Moves in Secure Mobile Access

Handset giant's Good Technology unit intros VPN desgned for broader, safer application use on wireless devices.

Mobile Spam Threat Worth Keeping a Watchful Eye

Right now carriers are doing the anti-spam lifting but things could change.

Mobile Device Threats on The Way

Experts say it's only a matter of time until hackers and virus makers turn their attention to mobile tools -- and enterprises are unprepared.

Survey: Data Archival Efforts Inefficient

New report cites weak archival strategies and high risk for data.