Articles by David Miller 

Fighting Digital Piracy: Industry Disputes

At a confab of security industry players, plenty of complaining was heard.

The Surge in Mac Attacks

Mac users may have to start learning the language of vulnerability.

RIAA Targets Piracy 'Hot-Spot' Cities

The recording-industry group identifies 12 U.S. cities where counterfeiters are thriving.

Bouncebacks: The Hidden Cost of Spam

A new report details how junk e-mail that bounces back to uninvolved third parties can cause disruptions and outages.

Spitzer Files Spyware Suit

New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer claims a New York firm secretly installed millions of spyware programs on computers.

Spyware for the Masses

Stealing personal information on the Internet is becoming easier, thanks to do-it-yourself kits and tutorials.

Computer Safety For Small Businesses

A free online kit helps companies secure computer networks and data.