Articles by Esther Shein 

3/10: BackDoor-CEP.gen Trojan Drops Files Into Directory

BackDoor-CEP.gen is a Trojan that installs itself into the %WINDIR%\System32 directory as server.exe or another file name.

2/23: DelfInj-B Trojan Gives Remote Intruder System Access, Control

Troj/DelfInj-B is a Trojan for the Windows platform.

2/19: Mal/WaledPak-B Worm Family Creates Registry Entry

Mal/WaledPak-B is a family of worms for the Windows platform.

2/10: Waledac.AJ Trojan Steals Information, Uploads It to Websites

Win32/Waledac.AJ is a Trojan that can steal information such as email addresses from affected systems and upload it to remote websites.

1/28: SillyBHO.BF Trojan Installs Other Malicious or Unwanted Files

Win32/SillyBHO.BF is a Trojan that registers itself as a Browser Helper Object (BHO) and installs other malicious or unwanted files on the system.

Downadup: The Web's Next Big Threat?

Experts blame a lack of patching and an advanced design for the rise of a worm that could outpace Storm.

12/29: Agent-IMG Trojan Runs Continuously in Background

Troj/Agent-IMG is a Trojan for the Windows platform.

12/18: AutoRun.UCO Worm Spreads on Fixed, Removable Drives

W32/AutoRun.UCO is a Windows system worm that propagates on local fixed and removable USB drives.

Apple Patches 21 Security Glitches

Latest Apple patch haul includes some late fixes for Adobe Flash.

11/19: Magania.AKCP Trojan Drops Files, Modifies Registry

W32/Magania.AKCP is a Trojan that will infect Windows systems.

11/18: Dwnldr-HKT Drops, Runs Code From Internet

Troj/Dwnldr-HKT attempts to download and run code from the internet, without the user’s permission.

11/17: ClckCsh-A Trojan Redirects Users to Website

Troj/ClckCsh-A Trojan will redirect users to a website offering ways to make lots of money.

10/14: FakeAle-IJ Trojan Creates Files, Registry Entries

Troj/FakeAle-IJ is a Trojan for the Windows platform.

6/17: Bdoor-ALX Trojan Contacts Remote Server Via Http

Troj/Bdoor-ALX is a Trojan for the Windows platform.

4/11: Bkdr_PoisonIV.QI Backdoor Opens Random Port

Bkdr_PoisonIV.QI is a backdoor that may be downloaded from remote sites by a malware detected by Trend Micro as EXPL_NEVAR.B.

4/7: Dwnldr-ZLG Trojan Copies Itself, Runs

Troj/Dwnldr-ZLG is a Trojan for the Windows platform.

4/1: Proxy-Fireby Trojan Used by Malware Authors to Control System

Proxy-Fireby is a Trojan that could be used by malware authors to remotely control the machine.

3/14: Agent-GSP Trojan Creates Registry Entries

Troj/Agent-GSP is a Trojan for the Windows platform.

2/11: Botou Worm Copies Itself to All Drives

W32.Botou is a worm that copies itself to all drives on the compromised computer.

2/7: Atin.worm Purports to be Folder

W32/Atin.worm purports itself to be a folder.

1/29: KillWin-R a Windows Trojan

Troj/KillWin-R is a Trojan for the Windows platform.

1/21: Passma.G File-Infecting Virus Steals Information

Win32/Passma.G is a file-infecting virus that attempts to steal sensitive information, such as passwords.

12/10: PPntDrop-A a Windows Trojan

Troj/PPntDrop-A is Trojan for the Windows platform.

11/1: OSX_DNSChan.A Trojan Arrives as .DMG File

OSX_DNSChan.A is a Trojan that can be downloaded from http://{BLOCKED}{number}.dmg.

10/15: Chir.b File Infector Continues to Spread

For the second time in less than a week, security vendor McAfee has issued an alert for W32/Chir.b@MM, a file infector targeted at several file formats.