Articles by Stuart J. Johnston 

Attachmate Beefs Up Security

Attachmate's terminal emulation family, Reflection 2011 R2, gets upgrades to make users' sessions more secure.

Microsoft Fixes 23 Bugs, Report Examines 'Zero-Days'

Microsoft patches October's bugs, plus it releases its latest Security Intelligence Report.

Two 'Critical' Patches Coming Tuesday

Microsoft plans to fix 23 bugs on Patch Tuesday, two of them critical.

Microsoft Patches 22 Security Holes

Microsoft posted 13 security patches on Tuesday, although only two are rated 'critical' on the company's four-tiered severity scale.

Microsoft Readies 13 Security Patches

Microsoft notified security professionals Thursday that it plans to fix 22 vulnerabilities, although only two are critical, next week on Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft Puts Out 16 Patches, 9 Critical, for June

Security pros have plenty of demands on their time when it comes to installing June's Patch Tuesday patches.

Cyberthugs Using 'Marketing-like' Scams

As more obvious ways to rob users get blocked, sophisticated cybercriminals try a 'marketing' approach.

Microsoft Releases Critical Patch for Windows Servers

The company only has one 'critical' bug to patch for May's 'Patch Tuesday' drop, but it's still one that could bite IT departments.

Microsoft Patches Near-record Number of Bugs

After a genuinely quiet Patch Tuesday in March, security administrators are confronted by one of the biggest patch releases ever in April.

Microsoft Releases 17 Patches in April, 9 Critical

After a somewhat sleepy 'Patch Tuesday' last month, Microsoft has a blockbuster of security patches for security administrators in April.

Iranian Hacker Claims Certificate Heist

The apparent perpetrator who fraudulently obtained SSL certificates for several major sites claims the Iranian government had nothing to do with it.

Did Iran Try to Compromise the Web?

In an attack last week, someone very organized requested, and possibly received, valid security certificates that could have been used to mount attacks on users worldwide.

Some Users Having Problems with Windows 7 SP1

Service Pack for Windows 7 doesn't always install correctly for some users.

Cost of Data Breaches Continues to Climb

Data breaches cost more to fix the more quickly you respond, according to a new study.

Microsoft: One Critical Patch for March

Security admins have less work to do in March than is often the case with Microsoft patch release events.

Microsoft: Three Patches in March, One Critical

March may bring out the early spring bugs, but not so much in Microsoft's garden for this month, as the software giant plans a relatively modest Patch Tuesday.

Rate of Malicious Email Spikes: MessageLabs

Beware of PDF files from someone unknown, warns Symantec MessageLabs, which in a new report identifies an increase in malicious email traffic, with PDF documents a favorite delivery vehicle.

RSA: McAfee and RSA Expand Security Collaboration

Integrating the two firms' security products to provide a "holistic" approach to enterprise-wide views.

RSA: HP To Debut Security Intelligence and Response Framework

HP vice president helps to fill out details of the company's security vision for enterprises in the wake of last year's buying bonanza.

Microsoft Fixes 22 Security Holes - 6 Critical

Microsoft fixes a slew of security bugs in its second patch drop of the year.

Microsoft: A Dozen Patches Next Week, Three Critical

The software giant reportedly will have lots of bugs to blot out in its monthly patch release next Tuesday.

Microsoft Warns on New Windows Zero-Day Hole

Microsoft has released a security advisory about a newly disclosed security hole and proof of concept code, but no attacks yet.

Black Hat: Microsoft Donates Security Tools

What better place to give out tools aimed at making systems more secure than one of the premier hackers' conferences?

Researcher Breaks Wi-Fi Passwords Using Cloud Computing Power

Does cheaper compute power – thanks to the cloud – mean that hackers can use publicly-available resources to break into low-cost networks?

Microsoft Ships One Critical Patch This Month

After a blockbuster of a patch month in December, Microsoft only has two patches for the first month of the New Year, but they patch important security flaws.