Articles by Michael Hickins 

Mac Hack Contest Draws Fire

A Gartner study takes issue with how vulnerabilities are discovered and disclosed.

Symantec's Safe SaaS Step

The security products company is taking data back-up into the cloud as a first step of its software-as-a-service strategy.

Game On: Microsoft to Issue Emergency Patch

Microsoft is issuing the patch in advance of its usual Patch Tuesday schedule to counter role-play game hackers.

BSA Sacks Software Pirates

The Business Software Alliance is taking its anti-piracy campaign on the road with suits around the world.

Ringing (False?) Alarm Bells

IBM and HP are launching disaster recovery services as the hurricane season kicks off.

Novell Adds Security Prong

The company says its acquisition is part of its three-part strategy and not a distraction from its commitment to Linux.

IBM Readies 'Virtual' Worm-Detection

Big Blue's new worm-detection system is preparing to lure worms, has learned.