Articles by Linda LeBlanc 

Unintentional (But Very Real) Internal Threats

Your employees need not be malicious to pose a danger to your enterprise.

Guarding Against The 'Inside Job'

You’ve protected your network from anonymous black hats. But what about your own employees and contractors?

So a Key IT Person Quit, Now What?

How you handle the departure of a top IT pro can have an impact on remaining employees and your network.

Creating a Culture of Security

Fostering a secure environment takes work and money. More than anything, though, it takes commitment by management.

Recycling Old Gear Could Mean New Problems

What you do with old computer gear can mean the difference between secure data and no security at all.

Laptops: The Most Dangerous Tool on the Network

eSecurityPlanet Columnist Linda LeBlanc says laptops are the biggest issue in corporate network security. There are ways to lessen the danger, though.

Google Desktop: Next Big Thing or Dangerous Tool?

eSecurityPlanet Columnist Linda LeBlanc says IT managers need to carefully analyze the Google Desktop before it goes on any user's machine. Do the rewards outweigh the risks?

Make Your Firewall Work for You

eSecurityPlanet columnist Linda LeBlanc says until there's a better way to protect our assets, we have to make the firewall work for us better.

Top Five Security Threats for 2006

Columnist Linda LeBlanc takes a look at the Top Five threats IT and security managers will be facing in 2006. Are you prepared?

When Data Spills, Who do You Notify?

Columnist Linda LeBlanc had her laptop stolen a few weeks ago, and she's still digging out from the mess. But the theft left her with some questions. Who should be notified?

How do You Recover after a Stolen Laptop?

This just proves that it can happen to the best of us. Columnist Linda LeBlanc was pumping gas when someone stole her laptop... and weeks later she's still recovering from it.

End Users are Clueless -- and it's IT's Fault

Columnist Linda LeBlanc says end users are causing most of their own problems... and IT is to blame.

Fine Line Between a White Hat and Black Hat

Columnist Linda LeBlanc says while she's not really a black hat, she can't really call herself a white hat, either. To be a security professional, sometimes you need to be a grey hat.

Is Your Printer a Network Security Risk?

eSecurityPlanet columnist Linda Leblanc says appliances are easily compromised. These small holes can cause major problems.

Beware the Mailman, the Phone Call and the Email

eSecurityPlanet columnist Linda LeBlanc recently received two letters and a check. What actually was delivered was a lesson in defending yourself against fraud.

Protecting Your Data -- A Cautionary Tale

Columnist Linda LeBlanc takes a look at one offer for 'free email virus scanning', and what that free service might actually be costing you.

Protecting Your Identity and Your Network

eSecurityPlanet columnist Linda LeBlanc looks at the little things we do without thinking that put our identities and our networks at risk.

Take Care of the Details for a Secure Network

eSecurityPlanet columnist Linda LeBlanc takes a look at the small details that could mean the difference between a secure network and one riddled with holes.

Hey! The High-Tech Emperor Has No Clothes

eSecurityPlanet columnist Linda LeBlanc responds to the loads of emails she received last month when she said Microsoft misses the point when it comes to security.

Gates Misses the Mark, and the Point, on Security

Columnist Linda LeBlanc is having some issues with Bill Gates' claims that security is the top priority for Microsoft. She says for the software giant, it's never been about security... and it still isn't.

A Lost PDA puts Your Data in Danger

Columnist Linda LeBlanc has a confession to make. She's a danger to any PDA she owns. She loses them, sits on them... even drops them in the sewer. What kind of danger is her data -- and her schedule -- in?

Protecting Data While Protecting Your Job

Columnist Linda LeBlanc gives advice when system administrator's boss asks for another colleague's password. What's the right thing to do?

With Wireless, Who Can You Trust? No One

Datamation's new columnist, Linda LeBlanc, looks at how safe your information is when you use a wireless access point from a friend's house or coffee shop. You'd never guess who could be snooping.