Articles by Sandra Gittlen 

Merchants: Brush Up on Payment Standards

With the holiday season nearing, merchants need to be aware of the security requirements for protecting consumers’ cardholder data.

Who's Watching the Privileged Users?

Companies trust their priviliged users to keep an eye on other employees, but who's watching the watchers?

After Katrina... Remapping Disaster Plans

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita changed the landscape of disaster recovery. What did we learn from these savage storms? What will we do better to prepare for next time?

Smartphones: Business Tool and IT Burden

Mobile workers may like the convenience and efficiency of using smartphones but how does IT deal with the added risks and IT management?

Not All Security Pros are Equal

With security issues ranking at the top of IT's list of concerns, many companies are looking to hire 'security gurus' to keep their information and profits safe. But beware -- not just anyone should be protecting your network.

Vista has IT Execs Pondering the Next Horizon

Microsoft is expecting a list of new security features will have companies lining up to buy into Vista, its long-awaited operating system. But IT managers and analysts say Microsoft may be mistaken.

Personal Web-Based Email Puts Enterprise at Risk

IT managers who allow their users to access personal email accounts via Web-based sites are putting their companies at risk.

Is Firefox Ready for Prime Time in the Enterprise?

Firefox may be gaining in both market share and cult standing, but is it ready for a major corporate system? Some say it's not, but others are making it work.

Home Users: IT's Cross to Bear

With a growing number of employees working from home, IT administrators need to learn how to manage this increasingly remote workforce to better protect their network.

Outtasking Solution to Company's Email Woes

A large chemical company has turned to outtasking the security side of its email system to keep its messaging system running smoothly and to free up its IT staff.

New Anti-Phishing Law Lacks Global Weight

Security experts agree the anti-phishing legislation introduced last month is a good first step. But they also agree there are bigger ''phish'' to fry in the war against online fraud.

Do Certifications Separate Wheat from Chaff?

With so many newcomers claiming to be security experts, IT managers are looking to certifications as proof-positive of a person's skills. Does that work?

Sentivist IPS Takes Datamation Security Award

NFR Security's Sentivist intrusion prevention system was the top choice among Datamation voters in the Product of the Year 2005 Enterprise Security category, turning back a strong bid by Digital Defense's Frontline 3.0.

Protecting Data with a Military-Style DMZ

Some IT and security administrators are relying on an old military technique to layer their network defenses -- they're creating a demilitarized zone, or DMZ.

Stemming the Flood of Patches

Some IT administrators and analysts say automation is the only answer when it comes to handling the deluge of software patches.