Articles by Tim Gray 

McAfee Loses Chief to Competitor

Gene Hodges resigns to take Websense helm.

Economics Crucial to Computer Security

Security guru says bottom line financial considerations can make or break computer security.

Phishers Play on IRS Web Site

Thieves are exploiting the fear of Uncle Sam's most notorious agency.

Companies Bid for Authentication Compliance Work

Financial institutions are getting started on security compliance regulations.

Swift Mytob Worm is Back

Prolific worm rears its head once again

IRCbot Trojan Spoofing Skype

Researchers discover new malware variant that teases with a fake Skype app.

California Outlaws Phishing

It becomes the first state to make the scam a civil violation.

Phishers Use Photos for Catch

Scammers using authentic sites for dirty work.

Another University System Suffers Breach

Crackers continue to exploit American universities' computer weaknesses.

Symantec Lands Anti-Phish Firm

Behavior-based detection is moving up the security ladder.

New Worm Uses The Force

A worm that spoofs Google is wending its way through the Internet via P2P networks.

Stolen University Laptop Recovered

Authorities track down a pilfered laptop that contained tens of thousands of students' personal data.

McAfee Breaks Into Pipe Cleaning

The company's Clean Pipes initiative helps ISPs protect its customers.

Mytob Variant Still Trolling Web

The hackers who unleashed Mytob and Zotob may be behind bars, but variants of their work continue to appear.

Zotob Writer Had Busy Summer

One of the programmers arrested in connection with the Zotob outbreak may have authored at least 20 other worms, according to an anti-virus software vendor.

Consumers' Online Security Concerns Rising

A new study suggests that authentication technologies may help regain users' trust.

Warily Watching Worm Variants

Versions of Zotob continue to slam corporate networks while security vendors and Microsoft play defense.

Windows Worm Goes Global

The worm and its variants are now using chat channels to allow hackers to control infected PCs.

The Third Wave of Security Appliances

A new generation of security appliances is aimed at making instant messaging safe to use in the enterprise.

Small Devices, Big Risks

Businesses are overlooking security risks posed by their workers' USB memory sticks, iPods and PDAs, a software maker says.

Windows Exploit Code Online

Redmond's working on the vulnerability.

AOL Gives Spam Booty to Members

The ISP will raffle off gold, cash and an SUV to members who helped bring down a spammer.

IM Threats Bombard Systems

The increase in attacks has corporations on guard.

Worm Strikes The Wrong Chord

A worm packing a malicious punch is on the loose disguised as a music file making its way through the wild via AOL's Instant Messenger.

VeriSign Makes $40M Move on Defense

The firm adds to its security services division with iDefense buy.