Articles by Ray Everett-Church 

McColo and the Difficulty of Fighting Spam

In a world full of spamming, phishing and other fraudulent behavior, even the most battle-tested spam investigators are hard-pressed to assess who’s to blame and who’s been framed.

How To Get Your Email Past Clients' Spam Filter

Achieving “deliverability,” otherwise known as getting email delivered to a user’s inbox in a timely and fully-functional fashion, is both an art and a science.

Organizing IT Chaos through Email Authentication

Undertaking the sometimes daunting task of deploying authentication provides a great excuse for IT managers to begin tackling the sprawling beast that is today's modern corporate email infrastructure.

Businesses Reach the Tipping Point in Email Authentication

A new survey shows that more than half of businesses now use an email authentication scheme. Those that don’t are starting to lose a competitive advantage.

You've Got Spam: The New Field of Reputation Management

Certain email snafus can be fatal to the effectiveness of a company's entire email strategy and can tarnish the goodwill associated with their good name.


If you manage email systems and aren’t familiar with DKIM, you may still have time to learn about it. But you don’t have the luxury of ignoring it.

Fear and Loathing in an Airport Check-In Line

A new security service promises a shorter airport check-in, but an expert user isn’t thrilled by it.

Microsoft's New Patent: The Dark Side of SaaS

A new patent for notifying people when a privacy policy has changed suggests some dark possibilities for the future of software-as-a-service.

The Las Vegas Counterfeiting Story: Is Your Privacy Worth More Than a Poker Chip?

What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, unless it spotlights how companies are tearing down the last remaining personal data protections.

Spam: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

The author reports on the recent FTC "Spam Summit," and contrasts it with a similar event he attended ten years ago.

Google's Race to the Bottom

A new report claims Google has an “entrenched hostility to privacy.” Does the search giant need a Chief Privacy Officer?

Email Administrator Best Practices

New recommendations, and some that fall into the “should have been done correctly in the first place” category.

Taxes, The Internet, and the Government: Be Afraid

As the federal government moves more of its tax filing and preparation process online, several dangers loom, argues a security expert.

How Big A Crime is Invasion of Privacy?

A security expert argues that in the wake of the HP case, we must face a shocking truth: sometimes invasion of privacy is merely a petty crime.

Vista's Faux Security

An endless series of meaningless choices does not equal privacy, argues a security expert. Nor will they equal security for Vista.

Medical Identity Theft: Enough to Make You Sick

Ever wonder what mistakes are in your medical records? Even worse: fraudsters are using these mistaken records to con the healthcare system.

Privacy Rules: Business vs. Consumers

American businesses lobbying for lax security regulations should look at Europe’s example to see the economic value of tighter rules.

Spam Bust: The Lessons of Yesmail

Is your company violating spam laws like Yesmail did? Even an unwitting violation can result in a fine.

The Dangers of Web 2.0

In the rush to ride the Web 2.0 wave, too many companies are ignoring the fundamentals of security and privacy.

A Betrayal of Honor

There always will be executives whose propensity for sniveling pettiness will drive them to do stupid things.

The Unwitting Privacy Pioneers

AOL's recent stumble publicly debunks any myths about the protective power of anonymizing search data.

Dude, Where's My Laptop?

If may seem as if there is more data theft today than ever, but impressions -- and high-profile media coverage -- can be deceiving.

Google Spreadsheets: Secure Enough to Trust?

Before consumers and businesses can entrust valuable data to an online service like Google Spreadsheets, privacy and security questions must be answered.

Qwest Sets Admirable Example in NSA Case

If there are any heroes to emerge from the NSA phone-data case, among them may be Qwest's lawyers for standing firm against government officials.

Firms Liable for Buying Ill-Gotten Email Lists

eSecurityPlanet Columnist Ray Everett-Church says the case against Datran Media serves as a good warning. Knowingly buying an ill-gotten email list could leave you liable.