Articles by Lauren Simonds 

Eset Aims for Mobile Protection Against Digital Threats

Mobile devices make a tempting target for hackers and malicious viruses. Eset wants to prevent trouble before it starts.

Five Steps to Secure Endpoints

The adage 'the best defense is a good offense' certainly applies to keeping your network safe from digital criminals. Symantec offers five preventative tips you can employ at your company.

Linksys and TrendMicro Aim for Better Internet Security

Linksys adds another layer of spam and anti-virus protection by integrating TrendMicro's ProtectLink Gateway service to select small business routers.

Security By the Numbers

A study of 450 small business IT managers shows that many small businesses aren't as protected as they might think.

Five Tips for National Cyber Security Month

As small business owners, protecting your financial information – and that of your customers – is critical for success. Fortunately, safeguarding data doesn't need to be elaborate or expensive. Here are five tips to help you improve your cyber security.

Symantec eCampus Offers Tech Training and Free Resources

The security software company creates a portal designed to help small businesses get training and information quickly and affordably.

VPNs Done Dirt Cheap

Eli, Inc. intends to make VPNs the most secure remote access technology -- affordable and easy enough for small businesses.

So Many Passwords, So Little Memory

Imprivata's OneSign seeks to tame the multi-password sign-on process

Secure, Wireless Networking

Check Point announces an all-in-one wireless network security appliance designed specifically for SMBs.

MFPs � An Overlooked Security Risk

Turns out security isn't just for PCs and networks — multifunction printers store sensitive data, too. Learn how to keep that information safe.

Your Data is Your Business -- Protect It

If you run your business without a data backup plan, you're playing with fire. Learn the first steps you can take to safeguard your business.

Survey Says: Businesses Don't Update Spam Filters

When's the last time you updated your company's anti-spam software? If you're like more than a third of other business owners, the answer is never.