Articles by Janis Mara 

CAN-SPAM Gets Mixed Reviews in Senate Testimony

Less than five months after the passage of the CAN-SPAM Act, government and industry representatives give it a mixed bag of reviews.

Maryland Lawmakers Pass Anti-Spam Bill

A bill that can put convicted spammers out of business and send them to jail for as long as ten years awaits the governor's signature.

Gates Weighs In On Spyware Issue

Microsoft's chairman says 'parasitic' software is turning the Internet into a billboard.

Major ISPs Ponder 'Postage' To Stem Spam

Online giants like Microsoft and Yahoo! consider a small e-mail 'postage' fee to senders as a possible spam stopper.

Costs of Blocking Legit E-Mail To Soar

Erroneously blocked e-mail will cost marketers about $419 million in 2008.

Gates Predicts Death of Spam

Microsoft's founder challenged the only extant entity seemingly bigger than Microsoft: unsolicited e-mail.

California Debuts New Online Privacy Laws

New California laws mandate privacy policies and information sharing disclosure.

Companies Alter Privacy Policies

Many online companies have been tweaking their privacy policies.

Spam Suit Highlights Need to Police Affiliates

Marketers accused of spamming blame a rogue affiliate.