Articles by Penny Klein 

What We Can Learn from Fed's Cybersecurity

The federal government recently got its report card for cybersecurity, and it wasn't a pretty picture. What can corporate IT professionals learn from the feds' mistakes?

Career Veterans Must Guide Newcomers

eSecurityPlanet Columnist Penny Klein says it's up to Information Assurance veterans to help newcomers to the field. It's the best way to assure quality work.

It's Time to Standardize our Terminology

A rose is a rose, right? Actually, it might not be. Columnist Penny Klein says too many terms have differing definitions. And that's not helping anybody. It's time to standardize.

What did We Really Learn in 2005?

Columnist Penny Klein takes a look at the past year -- what we did right and what we need to do better as we move into 2006.

IT's Responsibility for Business Continuity

Columnist Penny Klein says IT administrators are not stepping up to the plate and implementing Continuity of Operations plans. And it could cost the business.

Finding the Right Mix for Information Assurance

Columnist Penny Klein says there are three key areas to information assurance. If your company isn't focused on all three, you're not really secured.

When IT Forgets Its Own Rules

eSecurityPlanet columnist Penny Klein says some IT types got bitten by a bug recently -- and all because they didn't follow their own rules. It's time, she says, to get back to basics.

You Can't be Too Wary about Malware

Columnist Penny Klein walks her parents -- and the rest of us -- through a security session.

Beware Being Tricked by the Social Engineer

A pretty young woman offers a bright smile and talks about the cafeteria food as she follows an IT worker into the computer lab. But her only job there is to steal critical information.

Be Prepared: Continuity in the Face of Disaster

eSecurityPlanet Columnist Penny Klein takes a look at working out a continuity plan to keep your business running despite disaster.

Time to Remind Users of Security Responsibilities

Getting people to remember their security responsibilities can be a challenge. But it's worth the effort.

How to Protect Against Identity Theft

Everyone is talking about identity theft, but columnist Penny Klein says the problem is that few people are guarding against it. Here are some smart steps to take.

2005 -- A Year for New Security Policies

Many security guidelines are expected to be published this year, and our new columnist, Penny Klein, walks you through a few that should make security management that much easier.