Articles by Enterprise IT Planet Staff 

Fake Adobe Update Delivers Trojan

TrendLabs researchers are warning of malware disguised as an Adobe update.

Software Compliance Policy Basics

Playing fast and loose with software keys is the least of it. Properly defining piracy and its legal ramifications is a good start to crafting your organization's software compliance policy.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Network Security Made Easy?

It's easy to get worked up and lost in a tangle of security bulletins. But it only takes a 'bird's eye view' of the problem, and a few easy steps, for admins to greatly diminish the risk to their networks.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Recovering from Getting Hacked

When the shock subsides and the finger pointing comes to an end, it's time to take steps to prevent your Web site from getting hacked again.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Corporations Oblivious to Spyware

Businesses are mounting a formidable defense against viruses, worms and spam. So why are they leaving a gaping hole open for spyware?

AntiOnline Spotlight: Freshly Baked Security Tutorials

Technology evolves at a brisk pace, so why aren't your tutorials keeping up? Get up-to-the-minute tips on securing your systems from experts in the field.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Spyware Protection for Networks

Stopping spyware is usually just an easy (and mostly free) download away. Even ISPs are getting into the act by helping their users banish the intrusive code. But where do admins turn when they want to provide the same protection for their networks?

AntiOnline Spotlight: TCP Doom and Gloom

A TCP flaw has the potential to bring the Internet crashing down, laying waste to e-commerce as we know it. Or does it?

AntiOnline Spotlight: Gone Phishing

Best Buy, Symantec, Citibank, eBay... What do these companies have in common? Scammers are banking on their good name to trick users into coughing up valuable information. Protect yourself and your staff.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Securing Laptops

Unlike their deskbound cousins, portables regularly venture outside of the safe confines of your network. You may not be able to control where they go, but you definitely have some say in what hitches a ride back with them.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Trojan Force

Despite the notion that 'true' hackers wouldn't be caught dead using trojans, legions of attackers still rely on them to prop open network defenses.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Wireless Security

Roaming workers don't want to hunt for jacks and all of upper management wants to sip espressos at the coffee shop while catching up on e-mails. Make sure you're ready when Wi-Fi makes a play for your corporate network.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Microsoft Metadata Forensics

What secrets are your Word docs revealing about your company?

AntiOnline Spotlight: Admins and Users at Odds

The blame game: Where do an administrator's responsibilities end and a user's begin?

AntiOnline Spotlight: SP2 Tackles Windows Security

Months before its official release, AO members weigh in on SP2's security enhancements.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Footprinting with Host

Learn how the venerable host command can reveal more about your network than you think, not to mention what hackers probably already know.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Held Hostage

What if your Web business were held at virtual gunpoint? AO members discuss coping with demands of payment under the threat of getting DDoSed into oblivion.

AntiOnline Spotlight: MyDoom Testing Your Patience?

MyDoom is quickly making the days of SoBig and Blaster seem like a walk in the park.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: IDS with an Open Source Twist

An introduction to intrustion detection systems and basics on protecting your network with Snort.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: The Evils of Default Security

Are 'hardened by default' systems lulling computer users into a false sense of security?

AntiOnline Spotlight: VLAN Intro

Setting up a complex network? Discover how VLANs can work in your favor, but not before exploring some security implications.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Ironclad Passwords

More often than not, a weak user password is the only thing standing in the way between an intruder and your company's valuable data. Lay the foundation for a strong password policy with this week's spotlight AO discussion.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: How Hackers Pick Their Victims

Are you an easy target? Delve into the factors that motivate an attacker to breach your network's security.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Tripwire Tutorial

Another tool for your bag of tricks! Get to know a technology that can detect even the stealthiest of intrusions, regardless of how lightly a hacker treads.

AntiOnline Security Spotlight: CD-Wrecker

Granted, a new OS install is bound to cause an incompatibility or two. Rarely, however, does it actually wreck your hardware! Sadly, a certain Linux distro can do just that.