Articles by Brian Livingston 

Is Spyware Illegal Under Existing Laws?

In filing a lawsuit last month, New York State's attorney general intends to prove current laws against deceptive practices and false advertising are effective tools for prosecuting spyware distributors.

Microsoft AntiSpyware: Separated at Birth

Is Microsoft's AntiSpyware beta program enough to protect your company's PCs against the intrusion of threatening malware?

Protect Your Passwords -- Part 1

The plunging cost of memory has given rise to a possible solution to the password-recall problem that plagues nearly all computer users.

Harvest Time For Spammers

Most Net users aren't aware that spammers use software programs called harvesters to gather the hundreds of millions of e-mail addresses they spam. Now a group of white hats want to make harvesting too risky -- and you can help.

More On Where Your E-Mail Went

Could the the e-mail system we've come to rely upon be so bad as to lose more than 1 percent of all the messages we send? Executive Tech columnist Brian Livingston talks with some experts to find out.

Security Vendors Defend Themselves Against Blink

Which intrusion prevention system truly is the best? Executive Tech columnist Brian Livingston lets competing IPS vendors have their say.

Banks Say, 'Phishing Season Is Over'

A little-known organization of 55 of the world's largest banks has finally become fed up enough with the online thieves known as 'phishers' that the banks are doing something about it.

Has Julian Haight Gone Straight?

Executive Tech columnist Brian Livingston chats with Julian Haight, controversial director of spam-blocking system SpamCop, about the value of and problems with 'blocklists'.

Immunize Your Servers Against Attack

A security company is shipping today new software it claims will better protect your servers against hacker attacks -- whether or not you've installed the latest patches from Microsoft.

A Mysterious Solution to Your Security?

Imagine a circuit board that fits into a PCI slot of any machine running Windows or Linux, stops virus activity without requiring updated 'signature' files and thwarts hackers and malware. A Ukrainian company claims to have developed just such technology.

Password Protection? Surely You're Joking!

If your company password-protects its documents, thinking this is a sure-fire defense against inquisitive intruders, you need to educate yourself on the tools now available to sweep encryption off almost any file.

How Long Must You Wait for an Anti-Virus Fix?

It can take several hours to more than a day for some security software vendors to issue fixes for known viruses. How does your vendor rate?

The Firewall and the Wandering Workers

Corporations with strong firewall defenses didn't take long to figure out that their greatest threat was from employees who log on from outside the building. Executive Tech columnist Brian Livingston outlines some new solutions to this security hazard.

How Secure is Your E-mail?

If your business communicates any confidential information across the public Internet or your intranet, e-mail encryption is a solution you should implement sooner rather than later.