Articles by Staff 

Rogue Antivirus Here to Stay

Until fake, or rogue, antivirus software becomes less profitable for cyber criminals, it's here to stay, writes Jovi Bepinosa Umawing of GFI Software.

Suing Spammers for Fun and Profit

Daniel Balsam quit his job, enrolled in law school, and started a new career suing spamming companies.

Windows Mobile 7 Due Late Next Year?

A Microsoft executive says the future mobile OS is aimed at taking on the iPhone, but that it won't ship for another year.

Microsoft Pulls Site After Plurk Charges

The startup said MSN China's microblogging site wrongfully used its design and code base.

Victory for Sun in Intellectual Property Suits

Wins court cases against an accused counterfeiter and an unauthorized importer.

Microsoft Patches Zero-Day Security Hole in Windows Shortcuts

IT admins get a fix to protect against malware attacks using specially crafted .LNK files that can break into all versions of Windows.

Security in Virtual Environments

A CA white paper examines the key security measures required to ensure the safe deployment of cloud computing technologies.

Spammers Love Short URLs

Symantec's July 2010 MessageLabs Intelligence report finds that the percentage of spam containing shortened hyperlinks has increased significantly over the past year.

Endpoint Security Protection

A Sophos white paper examines the importance of endpoint security.

Cloud Security Concerns Hold Back Adoption

Mimecast reports that 62 percent of IT departments say there's always a risk in storing data on servers outside the business.

Cloud Storage Security

A Nasuni white paper examines the key security risks inherent in cloud storage solutions, as well as the ways those risks can be mitigated.

Spam in Q2 2010

A Google report states that virus and spam volumes both increased in the second quarter of 2010.

Protecting Students' Privacy

A Sophos white paper offers advice to schools on how to protect student data.

Spammers Love the UK

In Sophos' latest Dirty Dozen spam report the UK has jumped to fourth place, up from ninth place earlier this year.

Simplifying Compliance

An M86 Security white paper offers advice on implementing an effective data loss prevention policy.

Leading Security Threats for Q2 2010

According to Commtouch's latest report, spam comprised an average of 82 percent of all email traffic in the second quarter of 2010.

Hybrid Web Security

An M86 Security white paper examines the benefits of combining cloud and on-premises security solutions.

A Rise in Software Security Flaws

A Secunia report finds that the software industry is continuing to produce software with a surprising number of vulnerabilities.

Security Regulations in the European Union

A Sophos white paper looks at the key directives and legislation affecting the member states of the European Union.

Snooping and Data Security

A Cyber-Ark Software survey finds that 41 percent of respondents have used administrative passwords to snoop on sensitive or confidential information.

Understanding Blended Security Threats

An M86 Security white paper examines some of the newer methods being employed to break through corporate defenses.

Assessing Advanced Security Threats

More than 83 percent of IT and IT security leaders say their organizations were recently targeted by advanced threats.

Top 10 Web Security Threats

A MessageLabs white paper offers advice on how to mitigate 10 key security risks.

Spam and Malware

A recent AppRiver report finds that more than one in 10 spam emails contained a virus during the past six months.

Understanding Targeted Trojan Attacks

A MessageLabs white paper looks at the methodology behind targeted Trojan attacks.