Articles by Joe Judge 

Exploring the state of enterprise security management

Investments in enterprise security management (ESM) tools have been on the rise in the last few years due to an increasing awareness by organizations that they need to better leverage the investments they've made in a variety of information security point products. How are those products working? How do you know if your company is being attacked? How can volumes of log files be monitored in real time so that an attack can be met with a proactive response?

Help take a bite out of computer crime

As I was reading a story in the Boston Globe recently about a New Hampshire guy who is being sent to jail for hacking into his ex-employer's network, it struck me that I've been seeing more and more of these types of stories recently, with all manner of computer criminals being arrested, prosecuted and/or convicted, both in the United States and abroad.

Managed security services: Due diligence required

FAC/Equities and META Group concur that security is a top priority for most Global 2000 CIOs, but skilled security personnel are still scarce, and solutions remain complex and difficult to integrate. META Group notes that many vendors, hoping to address growing demand, have announced managed security service (MSS) offerings. However, according to META Group, trust, maturity of offerings, and overall market maturity will remain issues until 2003.