Articles by Ellen Messmer 

E-mail security and your legal liability

All types of organizations are finding the widespread use of e-mail is creating myriad security issues, including one issue commonly overlooked by corporate America: legal liability.

Finding your role after September 11

In the wake of the tragedy of September 11, a lot of us have been left wondering what we can do to help.

Putting the infrastructure back in PKI

Depending on who's talking - and what they stand to gain - you hear the full range of opinions regarding the readiness, ease of deployment, and most importantly, cost, of public key infrastructure (PKI) technology. Back in early 2000, a research firm was predicting the PKI market would be taking in multiple billions of dollars by the early to middle part of this decade. Everyone wanted a piece of the action, since capturing even 0.5% of that pie meant a lot of annual revenue. And with Y2K concerns out of the way, what else was there for IT managers to spend money on?

Risk dictates strength of corporate security

Network professionals face the perennial job of deciding what type of authentication to have corporate employees and trading partners use for access to corporate resources. Many view passwords as the least secure type of authentication, but find the cost of using better authentication methods, such as handheld tokens or digital certificates, still too high for general use.

Thor Technologies rebounds from September 11

Rebuilding IT systems, locating permanent office space and getting back to business as usual have been the main priorities of security software provider Thor Technologies over the last few weeks. Formerly based on the 87th floor of Tower One at the World Trade Center, Thor Technologies was one of the companies lucky enough to survive the September 11 attack with all of its 42 employees accounted for.

Start-ups go on attack vs. denial-of-service threat

Four start-ups with their roots in university research are separately concentrating on combating denial-of-service network attacks, a huge threat to e-commerce and a daunting technical challenge because it is so difficult to distinguish "good" network traffic from the "bad" traffic that can cripple servers.

Better security - for free

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) has just released its second security "benchmark," a collection of best practices and security settings meant to ensure a "prudent level of minimum due care for operating system security."