Articles by John Hall 

Technology primer: Virtual private networks

Almost no other technology today generates the demand, enthusiasm and interest level as virtual private networks (VPNs). As evidence, Infonetics Research indicated 57%, 55% and 51% of large, medium and small businesses, respectively, plan to deploy VPNs by 2002. To find out why, we will take a look at the technology and some of the costs, benefits, advances and limitations associated with it.

Examining the applications that can deliver ROI for PKI

Buckling under the pressure of a waning U.S. macro environment, current and prospective capital and information technology spending budgets are under intense scrutiny. As a result, projects now face higher hurdle rates as a common management edict returns to the forefront: expenditures must demonstrate tangible returns on investments. With this sentiment in mind, we thought it prudent to examine one of the most talked-about technologies in the information security space and take a look at how returns on investments can be generated by public key infrastructure (PKI).