Articles by Dean Brown 

A case study in security incident forensics and response.

Imagine if, at the very time you are in discussions with a security services company about beefing up your defenses, you find that your company has been compromised. But the intruder, rather than attacking your company's network, instead uses your servers as a launching pad for attacks on other companies, making your firm an unwitting accomplice.

A case study in security incident forensics and response.

Part 1 of a 2-part story detailing the real-life forensics effort that got to the bottom of a break-in at a major IT infrastructure player.

A Phased Approach to Enterprise Security Management

The global nature of today's businesses has resulted in an explosion of new systems, applications and interconnections that IT organizations must implement and maintain. This explosion of e-connectivity, while enhancing the level of service an organization can provide, has created a tremendous amount of exposure that has businesses and vendors alike scrambling for solutions to make everyone's resources safe and secure.