Articles by Eric Griffith 

You Got Your Security in My Endpoint

Providing enterprise network security all the way to the client -- both wired and wireless -- is fast becoming the norm.

Self-Managing and Personal Defenses

AirDefense says its latest upgrade makes things easier and safer at the enterprise, and it's offering a Windows module for mobile users to help in the fight for security.

Securing the DoJ

Senforce scores a big deal: a contract with the Department of Justice that will put its network security product on thousands of wireless and wired government PCs.

802.11i Security Specification Finalized

UPDATED: The long awaited standard for Wi-Fi-based LANs has been ratified by the IEEE -- and arrives with some new features.

Scanning at the Point of Entry

Security software provider Perfigo says its new component can help prevent infections on the network caused by mobile workers returning home with a worm or virus.

802.11 Has DoS Vulnerability

Wi-Fi networks -- mainly those based on the 802.11b standard-- are allegedly vulnerable to traffic disrupting attacks according to a new report.

Talking about Securing VoWLAN

Aruba comes out swinging into the voice over Wi-Fi market, claiming security is the issue and announcing plenty of partners to back them up.

Switches Team for Security

As the wireless LAN switch market heats up, many vendors are looking to partners to provide the little extra something they lack: high security.

Pushing Policies at Hotspots

While enforcement of network security polices is growing to be the norm on enterprise networks, it hasn't been the case for remote and mobile workers. Until now.

Mesh Meets Security

Formalizing a working relationship, FireTide and Cranite say their products will compliment each other with easy deployment and government-level security.

More Wi-Fi Means More Attacks

The monitoring of the air at the Wi-Fi Planet Conference revealed fewer security attacks over all, but far more than before that were successful.

Bye-Bye Gateway, Hello Switch Ecosystem

One of the tried and true security gateway vendors has seen the future of Wi-Fi, and decided that it means becoming a switch vendor, while still working with third-party access points.

Switch Vendor Builds in Encryption Chip

Wireless switch and 'thinAP' products from Legra are now available, and the company has added an embedded crypto-chip devoted to encrypting and decrypting multiple streams of traffic.

Consumer Cards Turned Rogue Detectors

Could a new scheme by WLAN management software maker Wavelink turn all existing 802.11 cards into rogue monitoring systems? The potential is there with an initial partnership with D-Link, but a lack of standards in WLAN data gathering means it may not go far.

Cavium Announces WLAN Security Chips

Cavium's NITROX family of processors promise all the security extras a WLAN can use, from basic TKIP and VPN support today on up to the advances need to rung 802.11i in the future.

AirDefense Describes Lack of Client Security at Show

The 802.11 Planet Conference & Expo featured hundreds of Wi-Fi users on the show floor -- and many of them were wide open to outside attacks.

Newbury Ships New Watchdog

The purveyor of location-enabled networks continues to upgrade its security suite to add more bite -- such as not letting on intruders --to its bark of letting you pinpoint real-time security issues, in a product announcement at the 80211 Planet Conference and Expo.

Cranite Provides Security for SMB

Cranite Systems, which provides government certified security software for WLANs, is releasing a version of WirelessWall for small-to-medium businesses, both standalone and on a Linux box from partner Westcon.

Mapping the Lack of Security

Look both ways when crossing the streets this week: the second WorldWide WarDrive is going on in major cities around the world as WLAN security activists drive around to expose the large number of unencrypted access points.