Articles by Sharon Gaudin 

Hackers Issue Own 'Patch' to Infected Computers

The gang of virus writers behind the virulent Bagle family of worms actually has issued a patch to its malicious code.

Q&A: Is a Threat Lurking on Your Network?

The CTO of Alert Logic Inc. says while companies are busy protecting their perimeters, they're not thinking about what threats may already be inside hiding on their networks.

Targeted Trojan Attacks Gaining Momentum

The era of the mass-mailing worm dominating all other malware in the Wild may be coming to an end. Trojan horses aimed at specific targets are increasing in number and severity.

New Scam Focuses on U.S. Bank Customers

A new scam that focuses on Chase Manhattan customers shows a new level of malicious sophistication, say analysts.

Firewalls Morph into New Enterprise Role

The death of the firewall has been greatly exaggerated, according to analysts. But it's not your father's firewall, either. The security technology is morphing into a whole new role in the enterprise.

Malware Attacks Drop Off in February

After a record-breaking January, malware attacks dropped 26 percent last month. But the rate of attacks still was 39 percent higher than it was a year before.

Security Leaders Give IT a C+ Grade

Corporate America has made some significant strides in information security, but it's not enough. IT will have to up its game to battle better organized and more sophisticated cyber criminals.

FBI Asks for IT's Help Fighting Cyber Crime

Speaking at the RSA Security Conference, FBI Director Robert Mueller said the bureau needs help from corporate IT to take on today's well-organized and sophisticated cyber criminal.

D-Day for Kama Sutra Worm a Bust

The dreaded Kama Sutra worm has caused little damage around the world. But while everyone was focused on it, another virus took down the Russian Stock Exchange for an hour late on Thursday.

Warning: Prepare for Friday Trigger of Kama Sutra Worm

Security advisors are warning IT and security administrators to make sure their networks are clear of the Kama Sutra worm before its payload is triggered on Friday.

Ski Resorts Put their Finger on Security

The American Skiing Company is securing its cash registers while making their workers more efficient and more at-ease -- all with the touch of a finger.

Salaries on the Rise for Security Pros

Salaries are heading up again for security professionals, but don't expect a bachelor's degree to help you out very much, according to a new study. And find out what makes security types angry and happy...

Users Scramble For 'Critical' Early Patch

Microsoft, bowing to customer pressure, issues patch for .WMF flaw ahead of next week's scheduled monthly release.

Virus Writers Change Tactics for 2006

Malware writers are no longer creating Blasters and Slammers. They're not trying to take down millions of systems, but keep them running so they can steal the information on them.

Hackers Exploiting Zero Day Windows Flaw

The Zero Day exploit of the Windows Metafile bug has racked up six variants as of Thursday afternoon and has left security analysts wondering what's coming next.

Trump Tops AOL's 2005 Spam List

Spammers are throwing in the towel on old tricks -- like pornographic spam -- and beginning to target individuals.

November a Record Breaker for Virus Attacks

November was a record-breaking month for malware attacks, with a Sober variant leading the charge.

Patching Still Trips Up IT

This year's ''Laws of Vulnerabilities'' study shows that administrators are getting better at patching, but it's still not good enough.

IM Virus Mutations Up the Security Threat

With IM malware increasingly creating a sea of variants, and email worms mutating into IM threats, analysts say it's time to focus on securing instant messaging.

Trojan Exploits Sony's DRM Flaw

The release of a Trojan horse that exploits Sony's controversial copy 'cloaking' tool is raising fears among users and music lovers around the globe.

IT Job Market Continues to Grow

The demand for IT workers is growing, and salaries are inching up along with job demand, according to new analysis.

CounterStorm Takes on Zero-Day Attacks

A new security appliance is aimed at detecting and stopping zero-day attacks.

Insider Threats Giving IT Execs Nightmares

The potential for insider threats to the corporate network is keeping IT execs awake at night. Actually, 25 percent say they're literally losing sleep over it.

Barrage of Viruses Hits in October

A record number of malware hit the Internet last month, but none were killer viruses.

SMBs Getting Hammered by New Threats

A new study shows small to medium businesses lack the expertise to battle phishing and spyware.