Articles by Brian Morrissey 

Consumers Get Spam Savvy

Consumers have become adept at sorting wanted e-mail from unwanted spam.

Missouri Files First Spam Suits

The state attorney general files the first two suits under Missouri's six-week-old anti-spam law.

Spam Laws Easy; Enforcement Harder

California adds a tough spam law, but enforcement of existing laws has proven tricky.

Report: ISPs Block 17 Percent of Legit E-mail

The false-positive rate declines slightly in the first half of the year but remains high, according to figures from e-mail delivery company Return Path.

DMA-Delayed Best Practices Skirt Spam, Permission Issues

EXCLUSIVE: The DMA doesn't define spam, nor say whether opt-in should be the industry standard in the e-mail guidelines it suppressed.

DMA Delays E-mail Guidelines Again

EXCLUSIVE: The long-awaited e-mail-marketing guidelines are shelved, as some say the Direct Marketing Association is part of the problem, not the solution.

DoubleClick Hit with Deceptive Ad Suit

The class action accuses the ad server of abetting a deceptive advertising scheme that used fake computer error messages to lure site visitors.

Poll: Spam Annoyance Leveling Off

A new Harris Poll finds that four out of five Internet users want spam outlawed, but many are starting to get used to it.

FindWhat Pursues Scammer

A spammer is offering a purported advertiser database of the paid search company. FindWhat says it will stop him.

Gates: Spam Must Be Stopped

In his second spam message in as many days, Microsoft's Bill Gates says spam is a serious problem but the federal government should tread carefully.

Microsoft Launches Legal Blitz Vs. Spammers

The software giant files 13 U.S. lawsuits and two in the UK, alleging the defendants flooded MSN and Hotmail users with deceptive spam.

Report: Spam Hasn't Hurt E-Mail Marketing

UPDATE: DoubleClick finds e-mail marketers' open and click-through rates continued to rise in the first quarter, despite the spam onslaught.

The Threat of Eternal Spamnation

Interactive marketers must overcome customer wariness in the wake of the spam deluge, says e-mail expert Hans Peter Brøndmo.

Hotmail Targets Web Beacons

UPDATE: MSN's Hotmail begins using HTML-blocking technology to foil spammers from verifying e-mail addresses.

Virginia Seeks Jail for Spammers

The home state of AOL enacts a law that would levy steep fines and possible jail terms to bulk e-mailers using fraudulent means.

Mailblocks Launches Web Ad Campaign

The new Web mail service will target fed-up Hotmail and Yahoo! users looking for a spam-free alternative.

AOL Files Spam Suits

The ISP targets spammers it claims have sent a billion unsolicited messages to its members.

  • AOL Accused of Collateral Damage in Spam War
  • Senate Anti-Spam Bill Introduced

    UPDATE: The CAN-SPAM act would give consumers, federal and state authorities more ways to take aim at unsolicited bulk e-mailers.

    Anti-Spammer Claims Court Victory

    A Maryland anti-spam activist accused of harassment by an alleged spammer claims victory.

    Calif. Spam Bill Passes Committee

    UPDATE: The bill would fine e-mail marketers $500 for each piece of unsolicited commercial e-mail.

    Yahoo! Rolls Out New Anti-Spam Features

    The mega-portal rolls out a buffed-up version of its SpamGuard filter for its e-mail users.

    AOL: Spam Problem Is Getting Worse

    The world's largest ISP tells e-marketers the spam deluge has intensified, making AOL mull stricter e-mail policies.

    E-Mail Coalition Announces False-Positive Forum

    The NAI's new e-mail group will gather anecdotal information from consumers whose legitimate messages have been blocked by over-aggressive e-mail filters.

    Is The New Outlook a Threat to E-Mail Marketers?

    The upcoming version of Microsoft's popular e-mail program boasts anti-spam features that could give legitimate e-mail marketers headaches.

    FTC Targets International Net Fraud

    The Commission launches initiatives aimed at combating cross-border online consumer scams and fraud against military personnel.

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