Articles by Rebecca Lieb 

The Spam Reality/Show

If CAN-SPAM is a "miserable failure," then so is legislation that prohibits everything from murder to jaywalking. It's high time for another reality check, because marketers can't afford to be naive.

Spam King In Spyware Truce with FTC

Sanford Wallace agreed to only send ads to people who visit his companies' sites.

Crisis of Confidence Spawns Confidence Games

The spam problem is inextricably linked to any number of other Bad Things lurking on the 'Net.

CAN-SPAM: It's Your Move

Can you improve CAN-SPAM? The FTC wants to hear from you -- by April 12.

Experts to Marketers: Spam Lawsuits are Coming

Bigfoot Interactive's 'Spam Summit' in New York finds marketers bracing for the impact of a far-reaching California law.

FTC Commissioner on Spam Bills, Media Ownership

FTC watchdogs: spam today, big broadcasters tomorrow?

FTC Spam Forum Dispatch

Disagreement on the details, but cohesion, consensus, and bonding.

Spam: We're Losing

First, the bad news. Despite all efforts, spam is growing faster than ever. Yet, there may be an unexpected silver lining.