Articles by Michael Chait 

Critical Flaws Affront Microsoft's FrontPage

The software giant warns that a vulnerability in its FrontPage Extension Server could allow an attacker to crash your servers or run any code.

Microsoft Virtual Machine Has Real Problem

Having Java applets running on Windows could allow an attacker to hijack your system.

  • Microsoft Critics Lambaste XP-SP1
  • Worm Gives a Slap in the Face

    Slapper worm takes off, infecting systems in over 100 countries over the weekend.

    Will Users of Word 97 'Bug' Out?

    Microsoft is looking to fix a long-standing 'bugging' vulnerability in Word, but if you're running Word 97, you may be out of luck.

    9/11 Worm Can't Squirm

    Concerns about September 11th-themed worm fade on word that 'Chet' is a dud.

    I've Been Framed

    New vulnerability discovered in IE could allow attackers to compromise your computer through a Web site's frames.

    'Pretty Good' Isn't Good Enough

    A new vulnerability in the omnipresent PGP encryption software could allow hackers to take over your computer.

    New Active-X Vulnerability Discovered

    A newly discovered vulnerability in many versions of Microsoft OS could leave you vulnerable to DoS.

    New Flaws Discovered on IE, Office

    Six new flaws were discovered in Microsoft Internet Explorer that could leave your computer vulnerable.

    Microsoft Exterminates More Bugs on Office XP

    The software giant releases SP2 to fix many flaws plaguing its latest version of the Office software suite.

    More Vulnerabilities for Microsoft

    Security experts discover new flaws in SQL Server, Exchange Server and Metadirectory Services.

    Worm Exploits Apache Flaw

    Two weeks after a warning that a flaw on the popular Apache Web server application could leave servers vulnerable, security experts are trying to decode a worm exploiting the flaw.

    MS Warns of Commerce Server Flaw

    Microsoft warns Commerce Server software customers to apply patch.

  • Serious OpenSSH Flaw Found