Articles by Mark Berniker 

A Very Security-Themed Week at Microsoft

Software giant highlights its TechNet security initiatives.

Nokia Confirms N-Gage Codes Cracked

The cellphone maker ironically adds two new security companies to its developers alliance on the same day it confirms hackers have compromised its N-Gage copy-protection.

Verizon Enters SMB Net Security Market

Telco brings firewall and VPN services to enterprise market.

Study: ID Theft Often Goes Unrecognized

ID Analytics conducts massive study on preventing identity fraud.

MSN's Chats: Shuts Most, Charges Others

Company tries to block sex predators, will charge others for chatting.

Bank One Calls Attention to ID Theft

Bank One collaborates with Sun Microsystems on a secure electronic transaction platform.

Sony Bundles Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Sony debuts a new Corporate Data Protection bundle that combines an enterprise storage server solution with NetVault 7.0 backup software for 'heterogenous backup.'

Linksys 'Plugs' for Better Security in the Home Office

Home networking heavy rolls out new 'plug-in' adaptors for road warriers.

Microsoft Ties Security to VeriSign, Certifications

The company joins with VeriSign to bolster its Trustworthy Computing Initiative.

  • Microsoft Updates Roadmap, Delays Yukon
  • Gates Sends Letter on Spam to Congress

    Microsoft seeks combined legal and technical solution; experts see legislation imminent. Hijacker Appeals to the Supreme Court

    Despite being a fugitive, Stephen Michael Cohen asks the high court to overturn a $65 million damage award for stealing the domain name.

    Spam Becomes Public Enemy #1

    Although they all have different policies to combat the problem, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo plan to join forces against spam, marking the first time the three online behemoths have ever joined forces on a single initiative.

    Microsoft Tracing Windows Server Code Leak

    Leak of a volume-licensing key allows for unlimited installations of the company's upcoming Windows Server operating system.

    Justice Joins Investigation of Network Associates

    Accounting probe expands of security software company.

    Study: Human Error Causes Most Security Breaches

    CompTIA study argues that IT workers lack adequate security training.

    Group Looks to Forge Anti-Spam Standards

    A new anti-spam research group tackles what is becoming an increasingly problematic unsolicited e-mail issue.

    Microsoft to Open Windows Code to Foreign Governments

    Software giant addressing security concerns, response to Linux

    Homeland Defense IT Spending Expected to Spike

    Studies point to increased federal IT spending in 2003 as a result of the new department.

  • DARPA Looks to Quantum Future
  • ISPs Downplay Privacy Concerns of Court Ruling

    A secret federal court has granted law enforcement expanded surveillance authority but a leading Internet trade group says don't sound the alarms just yet.