Articles by Phil Hollows 

Fending Off a Vicious Attack

eSecurityPlanet's Phil Hollows describes a hypothetical virus attack on a company's email system. Sound possible? Sound familiar? Take a look at what you can do to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

Boosting Your Security Confidence

The key to IT security confidence is effective security event management, says guest columnist Phil Hollows. Here's what he recommends to achieve that goal.

IDS is Dead -- Long Live IDS?

A recent Gartner Group study concluded that intrusion detection systems haven't lived up to expectations. But IDS can't work without effect security event management.

IT Budget Woes Hampering Real-Time Responsiveness

A survey by network security management vendor OpenService finds that real-time threat analysis is in great demand, but exceedingly short supply.

The Perennial Problem with Patches

Patches cannot be relied upon to deliver effective front-line security because they simply aren't applied in a consistent, effective and timely fashion. Organizations instead should rely on security event management.

Security Threat Correlation: The Next Battlefield

IT security professionals are figuring out the next battlefield against the bad guys: threat correlation. Akin to placing sentries on your network battlements, threat correlation solutions monitor sensor data and then identify important threats from across your global network.