Articles by Kenneth van Wyk 

IE9 vs Firefox 4: Which is Safer?

With Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 in stable betas, which is better at protecting your data, your privacy, and your desktop?

Security Showdown: Mac vs PC

Columnist Kenneth van Wyck takes Windows 7 and Snow Leopard out for a spin to see which operating system offers the best security.

Firefox 3.5 vs. Internet Explorer 8: Which is Safer?

A security expert provides a point-by-point comparison of today's two leading browsers.

Protect Yourself on Facebook

Tips on protecting yourself and your PC as you use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Cell Phone Security Updates: Voluntary or Involuntary?

Should mobile carriers push out updated software to customers regardless of choice, or is it safer to have the users request the updates?

OWASP: Helping Web Developers Develop Securely

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit that’s aiding Web developers to avoid major security problems in coding. Plus: a Top 10 list of the most common Web security problems.

Van Wyk on the 'Top 25 Programming Errors'

A noted security expert talks about the larger meaning of the recently released list of top programming errors.

Security Nightmare in the iPhone App Gold Rush

Just how safe is it to download and use, say, an application that can access an Amazon account and make purchases with “one click”? (Gulp!)

Safe Online Shopping: a Tech Expert's Tips

An insider’s guide to browser and password safety as you travel the Internet searching for bargains.

Security Watch: Problems with Penetration Testing

Security experts conduct countless “pen tests” to secure application systems, yet several problems limit their effectiveness.

Cybersecurity Best Practice: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

When it comes to our computers, the classic principle of “innocent until proven guilty” is simply too dangerous.

How to Prevent a Coffee Shop Wi-Fi Attack

Logging on using your mobile device allows hackers to steal your password unless you take basic precautions.

Why Are IT Security Pros so Bad?

Have you heard about the security conference where the organizers inadvertently distributed a virus-infected USB stick to the attendees?

Browser Security: IE vs. Safari vs. Firefox

Each of the three browsers has strengths in malware protection, but it’s their weaknesses that are the most worrisome.

Security: Leopard vs. Vista

A security expert revisits an earlier examination he made of the relative security of Mac Tiger and Windows XP.

Security Watch: Living with PCI DSS

A security experts hope the industry can keep that momentum going and start really paying attention to the security of our software, and not just try to retro-engineer security through largely superficial bolt-on products.

The Boeing Dreamliner "Security"

In some situations -- like 30,000 feet in the air -- an ironclad firewall is incredibly important.

The Security Concerns of 2008: Get Ready Now

As the new year dawns, some pressing security threats deserve more attention. For example, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is remarkably wide spread.

Google's Android vs. Apple's iPhone: Which is More Secure?

Examining the two platforms on a feature by feature basis, the Android appears far more promising in guarding against hackers.

Lessons Learned: People in Glass Houses Shouldn't Brick Phones

Let’s hope other mobile vendors paid close attention to Apple’s big blunder – but don’t ask me to bet on it.

Mozilla Thunderbird vs. Microsoft Outlook

A security expert examines the relative security of the two programs on a point-by-point basis.

Mozilla Firefox vs. Internet Explorer: Which is Safer?

Based on a point-by-point security comparison, a security expert lays out his opinion.

The iPhone: Don't Trust the Client

A timeless lesson applies to the iPhone: If something is under the control of a user, we must assume it will be tampered with.

Those "Helpful" Emails that Big Tech Firms Send

They appear to be valid - though it’s hard to say. But all they do is sow confusion. What are they thinking?

Will the iPhone be a Security Nightmare?

Sure, it will be pretty. But hackers are waiting for it just as eagerly as the gadget geeks.