Articles by Keith Vance 

IT Uneasy as Malware Attacks Grow

New study reveals that IT organizations feel less secure than they did last year as malware attacks are on the rise.

Linux Security, Then and Now

At LinuxCon 2010, experts discuss Linux kernel security and the implications of adapting 1960s technology to meet 21st-century threats.

Open Source is Inherently More Secure, Says Red Hat

At the Red Hat Summit in Boston last week, Josh Bressers, a senior security engineer at Red Hat, explained why open source really is the best model for building secure software.

Universities Respond to Obama's Request for More Cybersecurity Gurus

The Obama administration's leadership is motivating colleges and universities to step up and train an army of cyber warriors.

Keeping Pace with Data Encryption Laws

At both the state and federal levels, a bevy of bills and laws are proposed or in effect, which require securing and even encrypting PII.