Articles by Michael Singer 

PGP: Extended Encryption For Compliance

Significant upgrade extends to integrated suite of desktop and gateway new security products.

WLAN Security Spec Goes Open Source

Atheros says its JumpStart technology would benefit the industry if it were more readily available.

Oracle Security Updates Include PeopleSoft Fixes

The company fixes vulnerabilities in EnterpriseOne and OneWorld, as well as its own software. But older flaws still loom.

Handheld Security Too Expensive For Enterprise?

Companies need to assess their antivirus, VPN, device security and management software, the Burton Group found.

Cyber Security Heads Grade The System

Security groups assess the progress made and the road ahead, as the new homeland security chief takes over.

Cisco Adapts Its Defenses to New Threats

The company launches the next phase of its Self-Defending Network initiative with support from recent acquisitions.

Symantec Battles Spyware, Bots and Microsoft

CEO John Thompson dismisses Microsoft's security efforts as child's play.

VeriSign Revamps Security Lineup

The security vendor makes pitch for two-factor authentication to protect against security threats.

Apple Patches Holes in Mac OS X

Update fixes multiple vulnerabilities including 'at' commands, PHP holes and malicious pop-up windows.

Security Objections to IBM-Lenovo Deal?

The Committee on Foreign Investments (CFIUS) is reportedly concerned about corporate espionage.

IBM's ThinkPad Sports Data Protection

Administrators can now clean out all the systems of a PC and block them from re-infection.

Oracle Issues Risk Matrix with Patch

The company's first Critical Patch Update of 2005 also debuts a tool to let customers gauge the severity of a threat.

Adobe Fixes Multiple Flaws

Vulnerabilities could disclose sensitive information or compromise a user's system.

Sun Readying Its Ray for Security

CEO Scott McNealy plans on a subscription model that includes wireless and VoIP.

Major Security Patch Overhaul For Oracle

Changes come after the growing number of complaints from customers and even its own executives.

IT Heavies Unveil Mobile Spec

NTT DoCoMo, Intel and IBM introduce a new open and secure architecture for future wireless data services.

Customers Gripe About Oracle's Patch Plan

After numerous complaints and a lapse in issuances, some suggest a quarterly schedule might be better for the database king.

National Semi Throws a Padlock on PCs

The chipmaker debuts new hardware it claims prevents hackers and viruses from getting inside.

Improving Web Trust

Intel collaborates with MIT in a bid to build trust between a Web site and its customers.

Oracle Adopts Monthly Patch Cycle

The database giant follows in Microsoft's security footsteps.

Flaw Puts TCP Data Transfer At Risk

Officials say systems that rely on persistent TCP connections, such as routers supporting BGP, could be affected.

Java's Future Secured in Microsoft Pact

Microsoft agrees to patch support of JVM until 2007. James Gosling's note to the Java community: 'Relax. Have a little faith.'

Government Groups Tout Single Sign-On Version

GSA and OASIS demonstrate Single Sign-On for a federated identity, which some say is years ahead of Liberty or WS-Federated.

The Net Has An 'Insecurity' Complex

RSA's second annual assessment of online security leaves little doubt that corporations have a long way to go.

Security Firms Forge 'Cyber' Alliance

A dozen software, hardware, and services companies will lobby for public policy and standards, but without the help of Microsoft.