Articles by Bob Liu 

Another Microsoft Patch, Another Masquerade

Another virus posing as a patch from Microsoft, which never issues security patches via e-mail, is actually a Trojan Horse, experts warn.

ISS to Protect PCCW from Online Attack

Internet Security Systems joins with PCCW to offer Managed Security Services.

'Safe Harbor' Case Mired in Confusion

EXCLUSIVE: A federal judge accepts a filmmaker's claims that and certain vendors infringed on his copyrights by selling pirated copies of the 1972 film documentary; but all parties are left wondering how to interpret to the ruling.

More Headaches for Sendmail

A remotely exploitable vulnerability in the open source message transfer agent leaves the Sendmail organization scrambling over the weekend to prevent attacks on unpatched servers.

  • Sendmail, Beware
  • Computer Worm Slows Worldwide Traffic

    A worm that attacks the Microsoft SQL Server 2000-based web servers virtually halts traffic in some parts of the world. But security experts have known about it since July.