Articles by Christopher Saunders 

Google Buzz Gets Second Privacy Revamp

In a second major update, Google's week-old social service gets another makeover in response to user concerns over privacy.

Media Spotlight Scatters a Botnet Host

ISPs spring into action after a mainstream publication fingers a U.S. Web hosting company for its role in the global spam and malware epidemic.

Validian, Sony Team on Fingerprint-Secured IM

Biometric authentication meets encrypted, USB keychain-based enterprise instant messaging.

Enterprise Gateways Weigh in on IM Spam

UPDATE: FaceTime launches 'challenge-response' for IM. Is it too aggressive?

Yahoo! Clamps Down on IM Security, Mulls Upgrades

The IM giant temporarily knocks off unauthorized third-party users and patches a vulnerability, while exploring new add-ons to its client.

Microsoft Responds to Latest IM Worm

Following the latest public instant messaging security woe, Redmond cautions continued vigilance.

Yahoo! Faces Messenger Flaw

The public IM giant issues a patch to correct a potential ActiveX vulnerability.

Instant Technologies Moves Into IM Security

The firm acquires Principle's IMtegrity -- and prepares to go head-to-head with established players in enterprise instant messaging logging.

AOL, Microsoft Kill the Messenger

NetBIOS continues to pose spam and virus threats -- prompting the two giants to both adopt new policies.

Report: IM Viruses on the Rise

A new study from Symantec highlights the need for instant messaging security solutions in the enterprise.

Zone Labs Zeroes in on IM Security

The company offers an instant messaging gateway for small businesses, and plans an enterprise offering as part of its Integrity offerings.

Microsoft Takes Security Steps with Messenger

After a series of embarrassing Windows vulnerabilities, Redmond moves to safeguard its consumer instant messaging clients -- spotlighting one of the chief risks associated with free, public IM.

Secure IM on a Keychain

A look at Validian's enterprise instant messaging system, which hinges on authentication tied into a USB fob.

Bringing Secure Video IM to the Browser

A look at Userplane's encrypted, Flash-based multimedia instant messaging client.

Viruses Learn How to IM

The dark side of instant messaging bots.

IMlogic, Vayusphere Move into Security

New offerings add content filtering and LDAP-based user privileges provisioning.

Enterprise IM Spurs Privacy Concerns

The growing interest in enterprise-level instant messaging systems means good things for vendors -- but also has serious ramifications for workplace privacy.

SparkLIST Questions Highlight Web Security Woes

As the company and its customers investigate how spammers may have gotten e-mail addresses, mailers continue wrangling with larger issues.