Articles by Ryan Naraine 

Apple Update Patches QuickTime

'Highly critical' flaw found -- and fixed -- in Apple's media player software.

Buffer Overflow Flaw in RealPlayer

RealNetworks confirms that users are at risk of code execution attacks.

Fake Red Hat Alert Making Rounds

Unknown attacker sends spam messages with a malicious file masquerading as a Red Hat security update.

Tabbed Browsing Flaws Detected

Users of 'the other' browsers are at risk of spoofing attacks.

Microsoft, Cisco Shake on Network Security

Collaboration will push for interoperability between competing platforms for network security compliance.

Microsoft's 'Critical' Patches Include IE Fix

October's batch of patches includes a monster fix for the Internet Explorer browser and critical updates for SMTP, NNTP, Excel and Windows Shell.

Web Servers, BIND Top 2004 Vulnerabilities List

The SANS institute breaks down the top 10 vulnerabilities in Windows and Unix systems.

Apple Patches QuickTime Flaw

The computer maker issues patch for its media player and tends to other flaws in OS X.

Large-Scale IM Virus Attack Feared

The first signs of a large-scale virus attack are spotted on newsgroups regarding a Windows flaw in the way JPEG images are processed., Microsoft Go After Phishers

The giants file a joint federal suit against an alleged Canadian spamming operation.

Scanner Tool Released To Thwart JPEG Attack

Microsoft's detection tool can be used to identify vulnerable versions of the GDI libraries that handle JPEG processing.

Exploits Circulating for JPEG Flaw

Security experts predict a large-scale worm attack is inevitable.

TruSecure, BeTrusted Announce Merger

The merger creates a managed security services firm called CyberTrust and new competition for Symantec, Verisign and McAfee.

Be Careful How You iChat

Apple issues security update to fix a flaw in its instant messaging client.

Critical Flaws Flagged in Mozilla, Thunderbird

The open-source project plugs vulnerabilities in its Web browser and e-mail client.

MS Premium Customers Get Early Security Warnings

Microsoft's note to premium customers gives advance notice of two security advisories coming next Tuesday, has learned.

Trillian MSN Module Flaw Warning

The cross-platform IM client contains a boundary error vulnerability.

XP SP2 Deadline Extended

The complete delivery due by April 2005 to give businesses time to prepare.

Apple Issues Mega Security Update

The company patched more than a dozen flaws in the Jaguar and Panther versions of the Mac operating system.

Big Blue Plugs DB2 Holes

IBM releases 'FixPaks' for vulnerabilities found in its DB2 Universal Database product.

MIT Warns of Kerberos 5 Flaws

Security holes in the network authentication protocol could lead to code execution and DoS attacks.

Oracle Patch Day: Critical Flaws Fixed

Security patches released for multiple 'high risk' flaws in Oracle's enterprise-focused products.

WinAmp Skin Flaw Patched

The new WinAmp 5.05 modifies the way the skin installer mechanism works.

How Not to Get 'Phished'

The FTC releases a helpful guide to avoid the lure of phishers.

Beware That WinAmp Skin

Zero-day exploit targets Nullsoft's WinAmp media player via the popular skinning feature.