Articles by Jim Wagner 

Guidance Software Investigating Stolen Data

A computer forensics software developer finds itself on the receiving end of a malicious hacking attack.

Santa IM Worm Making a List

The medium-risk worm downloads a rootkit and starts a keylogger to grab user information.

Dasher Worm No Friendly Reminder

Corporations are at the most risk from a recently discovered worm.

Microsoft Crafts Critical Patches

Redmond rounds out 2005 with IE patches.

Angling to Guard Inside Information

Security company Oakley takes aim at network leaks that happen behind the firewall, not malicious hackers from the outside.

Sober Worm Has Nazi Connection

The worm's deadly campaign is expected to resume Jan. 5, 2006, the anniversary of the Nazi party.

Roping Off Quarantines in the Gateway

McAfee comes out with a quarantine manager to keep track of the different quarantines in a large environment.

Senate Shot at Anti-Spyware

Legislation criminalizes unauthorized downloads and mandates disclosures of privacy threats.

Microsoft's Three-Pronged Phish Attack

Redmond partners with three phishing data providers to expand the filtering technology in its products.

Microsoft's Three-Pronged Phish Attack

Redmond partners with three phishing data providers to expand the filtering technology in its products.

Sony Recalls Rootkit-Plagued CDs

The music giant blames the software developer behind its copyright protection.

Postini and the On-Again, Off-Again Spam List

The message security company briefly found itself on the Spamhaus Project's block list after a recent e-mail campaign, resurrecting the debate over DNSBLs.

Microsoft to Block Sony DRM Rootkit

Redmond joins others hot on rootkit trail.

Report: ID Theft Haunting Bank Customers

Banks need to address the growing concern among their customers over ID theft or risk losing them.

Researchers: Skype, VoIP Are Hot And Risky

IT managers should take precautions when allowing VoIP use, specifically Skype, in the workplace researchers warn.

Sun Flaws Make Contest Fodder

The company wants developers to find a way to crack the new security component to be found in J2SE 6.0.

McAfee Strengthens Foundstone Arm

The company puts remote management and regulatory compliance in the hands of its IT management and vulnerability assessment arm.

Group Delivers The Meaning of 'Spyware'

With the definition set, the ASC sets out to find the apps that can be considered spyware.

Red Hat Tests Security Skills

The Linux distributor launches a performance-based security cert for the OS.

Microsoft Addresses Tardy Patch

The company releases three critical, four important and two moderate security bulletins, including one held from last month.

A Hardware Sentinel to Watch Over Databases

Firewall vendor Imperva is set to roll out a hardware solution to a database problem: policing database queries.

Symantec Buys Bindview for $209M

Symantec is looking to expand its policy compliance software in the enterprise.

Just One Fix For Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has one critical security bulletin for September.

Zotob Targets Windows Update Laggards

A critical vulnerability in Microsoft's plug-and-play code can wreak havoc on unpatched PCs.

Microsoft Patches 3 Critical Flaws

The Redmond giant issues its August installment of security fixes.