Articles by Roy Mark 

House Passes Anti-Spyware Legislation

I SPY Act earns third approval from House. Will Senate reject legislation for third time?

Leahy Raises REAL ID Act Revolt

Vermont senator says Congress should reconsider law that calls for national identification standards.

TSA Admits 100,000 Employee Records Missing

Agency can't account for hard drive containing payroll data.

A New Fight Against ID Theft

A Bush task force recommends a package of new laws that comes with its naysayers.

IRS 'Riddled' With Security Holes?

Convicted I.D. thief tells lawmakers how he scammed more than $43,000 out of the tax collectors.

IRS Audits Self Into Data-Theft Hot Seat

New audit finds IRS with 500 missing or stolen laptops, some with unencrypted taxpayer confidential information.

FTC Approves Final Guidance Settlement

Software firm that tracks and warns corporate clients of network intrusions did not adequately protect its own data.

Feinstein Charges Again on Data Breach Notification Bill

California senator says identity theft can't be stopped without strong congressional action.

Feds Hit 3 Hackers in Stock 'Pump and Dump'

U.S. authorities charge hackers in India and Malaysia with cracking U.S online brokerage accounts.

Gates' Washington Trip a Privacy Affair

Congress should pass 'milestone' national uniform privacy standard says Microsoft chairman.

New Online Ad Techniques, Old Challenges

Privacy and data security concerns stalking behavioral targeting and other advanced marketing practices.

Hackers Target Commerce Dept. Computers

The summer series of attacks traced to Chinese URLs.

U.S. Unprepared for Internet Attack Recovery

Cyber security experts cite lack of leadership from government and cooperation from private sector.

Spyware Operation Fined $2M

Company offer of free security downloads actually contained Internet tracking software.

Pirates Still Sailing By IP Protection Efforts

Different countries, laws and cultures still add up to the same thing: rampant global piracy.

Symantec Patches Antivirus Vulnerability

Firm closes potential backdoor to malicious hackers.

Thieves Bag Data on 26.5M Vets

VA launches efforts to inform veterans while FBI begins probe.

Feds Ding Data 'Dumpster'

FTC chairman cites case as agency's ongoing campaign against lax security security practices.

FTC Sues Sites Selling Phone Records

Feds hit five sites for selling unauthorized confidential consumer information.

U.S. Completes E-Passport Testing

Reporter's Notebook: DHS claims data on biometric passports will be secure; GAO reports feds still not sharing electronically stored terrorism-related info; USTR leaders trade for jobs.

Security Group Calls on Congress

CSIA said without Congressional action on data breaches, e-commerce and consumer confidence are likely to erode without national action

DoJ: 3.6M Households Hit With ID Theft

New government statistics claim losses mounted to $3.2 billion in six-month period.

House Panel Preps ID Theft Law

Republicans, Democrats reach accord on legislation targeting data breaches.

Big Ads Add to Adware, Spyware

New report targets advertisers doing business with 180solutions.

Groups Slam Data Breach Notification Bill

New House Financial Services legislation pre-exempts tougher state disclosure laws.